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Artwork Picked for DPW FB Page

I’ve been noticing that my paintings haven’t been picked for the DPW FB page this year. I used to get that pretty often before. I wonder if there is a “cut-off” of some sort that is set for relatively new members? Ironic that I don’t have an FB account, but being selected for the page makes a big difference in artwork/gallery views.


Same here. I think the main reason is whether DPW is able to extract any profit from your art. Apart from charging the monthly fees they get some fees from paintings sold via PayPal or auctions. No sales no profit. If ones sales drop for whatever reason, the interest from DPW drops as well.
I have also tried an experiment. I removed PayPal link from my paintings and indicated them as sales via email. Once I did that, no picking up for FB front page. Even I return the links, there is still no picking up.


I’ve always had sales via email since I’ve been on here and it didn’t seem to affect whether I was picked for FB pick of the Day, so thats probably not the reason…This year there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of paintings listed each day, I’ve noticed. Nearly 300 although it seems to have dropped a little. I didn’t know they made money from my sales unless it was thru their auctions. I think I will check on that…


I am new to DPW since May. I don’t have PayPal. Last week my work was selected for the FB page.

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Hi Tamami,

I have a social media person, Maddie, do all the picking for our FB page for me. I do this because if feels better and fairer if, as the owner, I am not involved.

My instructions to Maddie is to pick work she thinks will appeal to our viewers. Additionally, she uses an app I created to do the picking that does attempt to ensure that artists who haven’t been picked or not often or recently, have an equal chance. The app does this by showing her when the artist was last picked and how many times to date.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that Maddie is picking only 10 works each day out of all the works on the front page and, of course, an artist’s work can only be picked if it is on the front page that day.

So, you can see there are a lot of things for Maddie to consider.

Take care,



Hi Artemi,

I just posted an explanation of our FB picking process to this thread. To sum it up, our social media manager, Maddie, is tasked with picking work she feels will appeal to our viewers. Further, she has information when picking that tries to help her spread out the picks a bit to avoid picking the same artists too often. That’s it. There are no other considerations.

What specifically is not part of the process is any regard for whether or not we will profit from the artwork posted to our FB page. When Maddie picks work, she has no idea how the work is sold or how well the artist is selling. Our only goal with our FB picks is to promote our artists and to bring buyers to DPW.

Also, we make the vast majority of our income from our membership fees. This is by design. We do charge a 3% commission, but only on DPW auction sales, and these commissions are not a significant part of our revenue.

We do not charge any fees or commissions on PayPal link sales or on any other type of sales through DPW.

Take care,



Thank you for the explanations, David. I am really glad I was wrong.


I wasn’t concerned about the process for being picked for Facebook but after reading other’s concerns I was happy to read your responses. Thank you David for your open and honest policies.
So glad to be a member of this community!

I’ve seen the same artist picked twice in one day I don’t think that’s very fair

Omg!!! Maddie has a fun job :raised_hands::heart:

Hi Leanne and thank you for letting us know. We don’t think that should happen either, and we’ll talk to the person responsible for picking. -Carol Marine