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Artwork Collection Database - Now Imports Artwork Records

Hi all

I use the Artwork Collection database to record and track all of my artworks, including those in my own collection which I have no intention to list or sell. It was a bit of a pain to start with, as in the previous version I had to add each artwork individually, but the latest version lets you import multiple artwork data from a spreadsheet. Wow, so much easier, and it has a lot more new features as well.

If anyone is interested you can read about the new features in the Artwork Collection Database Here


If you are a Daily Paintworks member, along with your artist website (your DPW Gallery) you get a rich collection of tools, including your Art Tracking Grid, to manage your artwork portfolio and sales. I don’t see a reason to spend more and have another system to manage in parallel. If there are features in DPW you would like, please let me know!


Hi David, may I suggest one I really want to see?

As I’m not a programmer, I may not realize how much it will take to build - but I will ask anyway.

I would like to see button like “get notified about new artwork by email”. So when I upload new artwork, interested collectors will get email.


Interesting you would ask for that as it is precisely what I am currently working on!


Awesome!! Thank you!

Hi David, You are quite right, but it does have a lot of the functionality I needed. Creating catalogues, a cover designer, and bulk email capability that I use to get newsletters and catalogs to potential clients. It would be great if this could be integrated into DPW :slight_smile:

I would love it if the Art Tracking Grid would search on the “notes” field. i tend to add “code words” there to find things like specific show buyers, etc. but end up duplicating them in the keywords field hoping no one searches for that on the main page (! yikes !)

p.s. thanks for thinking of so many things and willing to reach out for more!