Artist Going AWOL

What do you do when you’re going to be on vacation or otherwise unavailable for a while? We can say so on our blogs (and hope I have no readers who are art loving burglars!) but is there a way to send the message in the DPW gallery? Or better yet, not discourage buying but let them know with an auto-response setup when you will be in touch and ship?

Hi Mary,

You can go to your bio/ profile on DPW and at the bottom there is a section about not being available, such as a vacation. You can enter dates etc.

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I actually took the item and packaging with me and it did sell while I was out of town. Didn’t skip a beat.

Thanks, Joseph! I couldn’t get that to come up on a Help search. Do you know if it will pop up anywhere else during the buying process if the buyer doesn’t go to the profile?

That’s great, Norm. I would too but I’ll be out of the country and without internet for long stretches. A blessing and a curse.

Hi again Mary,

If you go to your “my paintworks” on DPW and you will see account info and bio on the top right. Go into that and at the very bottom of the page you will find a box " on vacation" just tick the check box to suspend sales and you can say the dates etc if you wish. I hope this is of some help.

I did it, Joseph. Thanks for your help and I’m off to pack!

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Boy I am glad to see this! I just finished a weekend art show. Before I left, I went in and individually set the status of each painting to “on hold”… and then, of course, back to “available” when I came back. I’m glad to know there is an easier way to do this.