Artist canvas 1 versus canvas 2

I have a question about artist canvas 1 versus artist canvas 2, which type of canvas do you use more often?

If you are presenting to a gallery, do you create your paintings on canvas one or two?

And if you have created paintings on artist canvas 1 has the gallery you submitted to accepted them?

I realized artist canvas 2 is more acceptable but I’m wondering if you can get by with canvas 1.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance

? It is not clear what you are asking. Maybe you had pictures attached but they don’t show?

You know how you go into Michael’s and they have three different types of canvases artist 1, artist 2, and artist 3
I am wondering how many artists use artist 1canvas versus artist 2 canvas?

And if they had any experiences with galleries not accepting artist 1 canvas over artist 2 canvases

Artist one canvas is stapled or just two is not

I don’t paint on canvas very often any more unless I am painting large but when I did I used 3 and occasionally 2. I found the quality of 1 was more geared toward student work. The canvas thickness was far too thin.
If you are submitting work to a gallery use 2 at least. I don’t know that a gallery would reject work solely on the basis of the canvas itself, unless it makes the art itself look cheap. I would not paint on 1 at all if you are looking to have your work in a gallery, in shows etc. to be sold.

3 is generally meant to be used without framing, the sides painted for a more contemporary look. The profile thickness would make it difficult to frame.

Thank you! That was most helpful. I appreciate it.

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Your welcome. I just answered your other similar questions form months ago.