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Art Tracking Page - Suggestion for a filter to find "to be shipped" artwork

Firstly, you guys do a great job! The system you have developed is user friendly and has many useful features. Now that I’ve used the site for a couple years, I have a suggestion for the Art Tracking page (which has helped me stay organized!). When I want to mark a painting as “shipped”, it can be slow for me to find the paintings so I sort by “sold date” and then scroll through to find the ones that haven’t been shipped yet. It might be helpful to add a filter that would allow us to see only the artwork that has sold but not shipped. Perhaps filters would be useful in other ways too. I use an option like this in PayPal - to find the sales that I haven’t shipped yet, there is a filter for “print shipping label” and it narrows down the list.

Again, it’s a wonderful site, thank you for what you do!