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Art studios - painting on the road in an RV?

Anyone painting on the road in an rv? Setup? Storage?

I’m not, but I’m pretty sure an artist named Chris Long does. He regularly posts his work here.

I do, we have an airstream and I keep paints, pastels and paper in my tow vehicle. I paint both plein air and not using a plein air set up!

I have not painted while traveling in an RV, but it is my dream to do this! Travel and paint! I have thought about how to do this, and for my oil paintings I would just paint on canvas sheets, oil paper, or multimedia art board. All light weight and easy to store. Hope this is in my future!

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Susan, are you traveling with oil paints? Or some other?
If oils, what do you do with wet paintings?
Looking for the best solution to that ongoing issue.
Many thanks, Karen

Hi Karen,
I plan on doing some oils this year, but will limit (and I use water mixable very thin, Charlie Hunter thin or with some fast dry medium). My favorite medium is pastels and I use clear bags for them. I also do watercolors and gouache. Oil’s will be the challenge! Good luck!