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My online sales have been ok, but not what they were in the spring. I decided to try another art fair. I did a few of these in past years, but abandoned the idea as I think they are a boatload of work, not to mention wind, sun and rain. So this past week-end I participated in a local show. I had the best time ever. I sold several paintings, mostly birds, and that was only part of the fun. It was the feedback from customers and conversations with other artists that made the day. I had forgotten how important that interaction is! I’ve been selling online since 2006, when the Daily Painting movement began, and while I think it is a very good thing, I think I must diversify. I’ve added new local clients to my mailing list, and I intend to try to keep them engaged in my artwork through Constant Contact and hopefully will build a stronger local presence. How did I forget that one of the best ways to sell art is to have people see it in person?


I have been to a few art fairs again. Lots of work and the risk of bad weather. I sold and had a good time meeting new collectors and talking art. I keep my options open. I also have an exhibit in a gallery as a result of my exposure from the art fair. Still on Daily Paintworks and Pinterest plus my Facebook site. I have been participating in plein air competitions which is new to me. Less work than art fairs and also a good time. I am wondering if those “open concept” home redesigns that mostly include taking down walls have added to slow sales. Also the arty parties where they paint their own canvases hurt sales as well. This added to the economy has hurt. The arty parties are a fad that will pass in time and hopefully they come away with a greater appreciation for art.

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I’m happy to see this post on the forum as you have confirmed for me something that I was thinking about and have been moving toward myself–local recognition. I think our biggest markets are the areas we live in. Yes, it takes time and effort, but people really do like to buy from people.

I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend and were able to grow your list of local clients :relaxed:

Hi Carlene, I do think you are right about open concept design, seems like a lot of people are looking for larger pieces to show off those soaring spaces.
The at home painting parties I do think are a fad, but it will take a few years for it to fade. I don’t think they are so much interested in a piece they can hang, as a glass of wine and a good time. :smile:

Hi Sharon, you’re right, and I think collectors are always happy when they can say they know the artist.
Before there was Facebook, Twitter and other social media, artists sold paintings in person or galleries. I guess the answer may just be layers of different kinds of marketing. Some of the paintings I posted I thought were pretty good, but never sold. The answer was when people saw them in person I had a better response.
I also think the art fairs help the struggling downtown businesses.

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