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Are artists getting sales on DPW during this time?

I’m wondering if the artist’s posting daily are getting very many sales? I have certain people who leave the comment “I love it”, or even more substantial comments, but never buy an artwork from me. I sell at decent prices for buying, but find it is hard to stay on DPW if sales don’t materialize.

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I am not doing well, I joined this year in July. I have made 10 sales since then, but only two from here. They were both auctions, 5 x 7 inches. They both went for the starting bids of $35. each. I used to sell that size for $100. Since covid I have lowered my prices to $65.

Your paintings are beautiful, with subjects and prices that should be selling out.

The sales I made were from Facebook buyers. People I knew locally and one relative. A couple from Facebook friends I don’t know that well.

How are your views? I get the most views when I link an auction painting to my facebook page. The next amount of views are from non auction linked to facebook. Next thing I want to try is start linking to Instagram which I find very annoying to use. I haven’t messed with that in months.

I can’t afford to buy any art, I leave comments to give other artists attention, I think the little comment marks on the front page gives a little attention. I am finding it hard to stay here too, but I like it here! My financial situation is awful, worst it has ever been.


Lori, I joined in 2018, stayed on DPW for about 6 mo. during which I sold 6 paintings. After Thanksgiving, I sold none, so I closed it down in Jan 2019. Again, when I built up enough paintings, I got back on I think around June 2019, but again didn’t sell. I did a 30 day flower challenge this past spring, so I got back on in June 2020, have sold 3 on DPW (one was only for $20, a fall scene, 5 x7 reposted from 2018. So far, my sales have covered my monthly fee since June, but soon running out. I don’t feel my facebook friends are the type of people who buy art, and use instagram, but mostly other artists that follow. I do find certain people, who leave the same “I love it” comment , but never purchase, a bit frustrating. I don’t have a website, but figure I get more traffic here than if I were paying monthly for a website and have a hard time getting people to it.

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Maureen, I have had a few websites over the years, never sold any thing from them, I guess because I set up the site and forgot about it. Weebly was one, it is free. I tried Etsy with no luck. I did all right with ebay, may go back to that. I am scared of it, I hear more stories about people getting scammed there. Our town’s local galleries closed mostly, they are starting some new ones. From what I see, I don’t really fit in.
I have sold a lot in the past from my blog but that has dried up too. It needs a major overhaul which I can’t face, there are 1800 paintings on it.
My facebook friends are mostly artists and they have bought a few things. I feel like I need to make friends with more people who don’t make art, LOL! Good luck!

Have not sold anything since joining.
My pricing is far below gallery retail, but to be fair, the pieces I’m posting are studies, demos, or older paintings. But still…
Very discouraged, and I will give it until the end of the year, and that is it.

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Christine, I had a look, they are all nice and some are super, they should sell! It is very discouraging.

I looked at both your works, Lori and Christine. Both very nice! Perhaps there are less viewers to DPW nowdays. When I first got on in 2018, I had lots more views and gallery views than now. With the number of artworks on the front page each day, there really aren’t a ton of sales in the bunch.

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I have sold regularly, though maybe once a month. I’m always glad I can get my “rent” covered. DPW has been good for me but my work is small and not high priced. I am going to stay on as long as pieces sell somewhat regularly. I’m grateful for that.

Oh and I try to post at least once or twice a week.

I post 2-3 times a week for the last 5-6 months and I’ve had 2 sales. I’m hoping things will pick up over time. I love the site and how easy it is to have a beautiful gallery that is linked to Paypal. But I’m like most of you, not moving a lot of art. Everyone who posted on this thread is doing lovely work! I hope it picks up for us all.

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I have been on the site since april and have sold 11 paintings. But , all of the sales have come from people who have first seen my work posted on facebook or instagram. Most of the buyers are local and some have seen my work in local galleries.
Whenever I post a painting on Facebook, I add the link to DPW. I love the convenience , ease and organization of DPW but there are so many great artists … it’s easy to feel lost … It is important to promote paintings on social media to drive potential customers to the site.
I tried etsy. nothing.
I have also noticed over the last few years that my sales are higher in the spring and summer.


I’ve read a lot of these - at least above this message, be patient the entire world is in turmoil - people are worried and unsure of the future, even the rich - SO - maybe some action coming up before Thanksgiving - people need art, but they are unsure iof the expenditure on a deep level.

Yes - link as much as you can - easy from DPW to FaceBook also Pinterest - or yourown site - and/but you have to make the effort and keep at it regularly.



Link pages as much as you can over a large array of sites. - I typically post on three gallery sites (FASO,FAA,DPW) and interlink each to the other. Also a few different plein air sites on FB - link them each to each, it’s not so hard. Times are tuff, no one has any money to spare - Let’s see how the election and the new year set themselves up - laters, aloha
my sute:

You may need more friends, but what we all really need is more of a presence on the web, and that needs to be consistently handled. We need to get our artwork in front of as many interested people as possible - this site is a good way to accomplish that, but we still need to put links everywhere we can.
see below:


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The art buyer is very distracted these days; Covid has placed many new demands on one’s pocket book and art is often a luxury item. I’ve read the sales of many talented (and popular) artists are down ~ way down.

I, too, struggle to sell but in the interim I’ll keep painting for two reasons: First, often my paintings will bring a smile to another during this time of challenge; and second, keeps me out of the fridge.


I’ve shared my story in another thread, but just to weigh in. I have never sold a painting off of DPW. I do feel I need a website to be “legitimate”, particularly since I donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit and it’s a great way to show people what’s available. I really like the ease of using DPW and think the monthly charge is reasonable. I’ve had a few technical issues and David was quick to respond.

I am an interior designer (day job!) and a customer had a show for me last year. That resulted in lots of sales and lots of exposure. So if you have a friend who could do that for you (or do it out of your home)…you can get friends to give you names of their friends to include. My experience has been that people will buy when they see the paintings in person ~ they are just not as exciting on a small screen.

I just started showing items on Facebook and Instagram within the last 6 months and I have had 1 sale from that. It seems most of my sales have come from design customers and friends who go to my website & then ask to see paintings.
I’ve never tried an auction but may give it a go.

One other idea ~ during this Covid situation, I heard of several artists in my city who live in the same neighborhood and they had a walking, sidewalk art show on a beautiful Saturday. I don’t know how they did in sales but it seemed like a great idea. Another thought ~ there are some coffee/cafes in my area that have art. When the covid issue dies down, I may take some paintings and see if they’ll let me display in their area.

I appreciate DPW allowing this thread ~ it’s good to hear what’s working and what’s not & new ideas!


PS ~ me again. I wanted to add that I considered myself primarily as a landscape painter. To my surprise, during the sale last year, florals sold 8 to 1. Maybe that was because it was almost entirely a female customer group, but that has shifted my painting. I still continue to sell far more florals and animals than landscapes (maybe my landscapes aren’t up to snuff ~ that’s certainly a possibility!!).

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I’ll join the chorus. I’ve been here a while but only one small sale and a few “ I love it” comments. I was ready to leave when Carol reminded me that DPW offers a lovely website, an auction site, AND an art inventory for a really low price. My domain name points to my DPW website so traffic from everywhere comes here. I don’t count on selling work here. There are too many small paintings shown on the small screen of a phone or tablet. It’s up to us to sell our art, to toot our own horn. Make a plan of action for one or two social media sites and be routine about posting. Start or resurrect your art blog and link to DPW. And/or send regular newsletters to you precious email list.
I hate marketing. I don’t want to make the effort, but it must be done.
I smiled when someone said that flowers sell. Yep. Flowers make people happy and an inexpensive flower painting costs about the same as a real bouquet…and lasts longer! Put a flower in your landscape painting.
Artists buy from artists, too. Don’t discount selling to others. A painter frIend who sells regularly told me that her studio time is divided pretty evenly between painting and marketing. So even if it’s a bitter pill to swallow I must take the initiative and work at it.
BTW, encourage each other by writing comments on our work. The I love It button is ok but a personal comment could make someone’s day lots brighter.


I have sold 3 pieces directly through DPW this year, and those only because I linked one of them in a special interest page on FB. You indeed have to work at it, and don’t count on just listing and getting a lot of sales. “If you build it they will come” does not work here. You have to toot your own horn. It is nice to have a place to point people to if they are interested in your work, so that’s what I use DPW for. I get sales through other venues; FB, commissions, and shows. I post a lot on FB, a separate art page. I was surprised when I sold 2 pieces through different online gallery shows this year. That kind of made up for not having art festivals. People are still buying art! Maybe even some people that usually don’t. We need art now more than ever!


I have been here for many many years. DPW has seen me grow as an artist and I have grown because of DPW. By reading artist talk about the art they post, watching their subject, theIr paint strokes, watching some Art Bites. Being encouraged by their “likes”. I’m so thankful to DPW and their community and will never leave even if I never sell anything ever again :wink: I did find a few ways to take advantage of maximum exposure here . First is to post often of couse. Secondly, the challenges are great exposure. I have done so many Challenges (it used to be once a week) those are great because ppl visiting DPW clic on that tab and your work will be there for an entire month. Thirdly, putting your work in an auction will make your work appear on the auction tab. Most importantly, i think is the contests. Those also put you on that page for a whole month and if you are lucky, you might win or get your monthly fee payed. you need to pay extra to participate but I found it’s well worth the investment. There’s rarely more then 90 submissions so the chance of winning something is pretty good. I think DPW is one of the few platform where the artist comes out the winner even if they don’t sell. That’s my opinion. It shows that it’s run by artists! I hope these tips will work for you!