Anyone using Artupia?

Anyone using Artupia ( Can anyone share any info on it? I was invited but can’t seem to find much info about it - and I’m usually skeptical on things I can’t research. Thanks all

I had a quick look at it this afternoon. Going totally on first impressions, I thought it was rather gimmicky. It seems the art is uploaded and given a starting-price (by who, I don’t know…the artist or Artupia?)…then the value “increases” somehow…whether by bid or popularity contest, I cannot fathom out.
It has one of those infuriating “eternal” web pages, where you scroll forever while more and more images load…like Pinterest. The main bad thing about it is lack of communication details re the website operator; there’s no address, no indication of country location…just a contact email. Being a cynical Brit, I’d bypass it like a mudpuddle on the road…it all looks too intellectually clever by half. I can’t see why a good old-fashioned bid or buy website couldn’t do the job just as well.

Thanks Christine. I did a quick look also, and found the whole thing confusing. I kept looking for the “how it works” button to click, but never found one. Even tried google searching to find more info but could not. Judging by the lack of responses here, I don’t think anyone with DPW is using it. I will probably steer clear of it. Thanks again for taking the time to look into it!

Hi guys! I’m Marco of the Artupia Team.
I’m sorry if our website was lack of information but we are a startup and we are working to improve our service every day.
I would like to explain that Artupia is a online gallery that helps emerging artists to find the right price to sell more on the international art market.
The price is decided by an algorithm that calculate first features of the artwork (support, measures, technique, precision, ecc) and then the interest of people.
The more an artist receives likes, visualizations, followers and sells, the more the quotation and the price of the artworks grow up.
I invite you to check our website information and the articles on google and if you have an iPhone you can download our app.
If you have other questions, please contact me