Anyone use newsletters successfully?

I’ve never tried a newsletter and wonder if any of you have good one I could look at. To whom do you send them without ending up spamming people?.

I started with ConstantContact and useed another but I didn’t need all of the features and management. Now I use MailChimp, the free version and it’s great. I don’t have a lot of newsletter content, so I cut and paste the last 4 posts of my blog, add contact info…etc. They have templates. I have also done a giveaway in the newsletter. I did get a lot of interest and signees.

My mailing list consists only of those who signed up either on FB, blog, dpw and previous buyers. I only just added the sign up on fb, which cost me a lot of people but live and learn. I kind of overlooked FB apps for a while.

Savocado, what do you mean “added the sign up on fb which cost me a lot of people”?

I should have put one on sooner, bcuz since I did-I have a lot of sign ups.

@savocado Have you found it’s helped with sales?

Sunny, I’m with Andrea as I don’t know what you mean either about, “added the sign up on facebook which cost me a lot of people”. ???

I have been using mailchimp for a couple years now but I rarely go and change anything on the newsletter. I just post on my blogger blog and it posts that blogger post but the other things don’t change. I find mailchimp to be so confusing that I don’t get into it anymore, and I’ve figured out many complicated programs before but this one is so disjointed, that I gave up on it a long time ago. Now it’s just on auto pilot. I don’t really think it’s helping anyway. There’s no way to tell.

Thanks, Sunny - that’s really helpful. I’ve been avoiding FB - guess I shouldn’t, but I rally hate all the junk on it.

Yes it has helped. They can quick submit and then receive an email when new art is posted and I have had buyers from it.

I think FB is well worth the time I spend on it. I don’t really use it for personal use (until lately pics of the fam. :blush) But I belong to some ‘groups’ and I receive up to 150 likes from people I know and people I don’t with sales here and there but they also sign up and I know that when a piece strikes them-they will be buyers again. For example-the pb&js that I do. I have some folks that found me on FB, some on DPW, some on ebay and they wait until a new pb&j goes up and they see it on the ‘newsletter’ and they usually sell immediately. Until I run out of buyers for that subject I guess. I do have one that is sitting around, we’ll see what happens to it… (I also have an art page that is just not as busy on facebook.)

Also, FB made me add my last name after using it for a couple of years by my alter ego. :smiley:

To sum up: Facebook, DPW (the best), ebay (ugh), mailchimp, instagram, pinterest, blog

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