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Anyone here paint with casein?

I recently tried gouache and was unhappy with the reactivation when painting in layers. From what I’ve read, casein does not reactivate like gouache. And no toxic solvents! Please share if you have any experience with it. Thanks!


I paint a lot with casein! You can see some examples here: https://www.gejart.com/artwork#/category=Casein&mode=search

Casein does not reactivate quite as readily as gouache but it certainly does reactivate unless you leave it a few days to cure more. If you’re looking for no reactivation, you can use acrylic matte medium with gouache and it will dry to a sealed finish (essentially acryla gouache, which is another alternative). Happy to answer any questions you have about casein though. I like it a lot as a medium :slight_smile:

I just looked at your work and it is truly awesome. Even more coincidental or bizarre, I have a personal connection to your Hampton Beach work–I spent a summer there as a teenager (a long time ago). It brought back some memories. I stayed at one of the Nautical Beach Property cottages. My dickblick order is coming today, and I’m sure I’ll have questions!

Oh cool! We lived there briefly when we first moved to the state as off season rentals were some of the only short term rentals there. I live about 10 minutes from it now in Hampton Falls.

Casein is a great medium and very versatile. Some people don’t like the smell but I honestly don’t even notice it anymore.

You might want to check out Stephen Quiller artist. He works with Casein and has written a book about it.
Wonderful art!