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Anybody in Germany selling artwork?

Hi all,

I have just started my website to sell my artwork. I would like to know about the taxation and when to register the website in the government office. If anyone of you know anything about this, please le me to know.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Priya,
I am in a similar situation, living in France. It would be great to have some tips!

I don’t know about Germany or France, but I am blown away by how many Russian artists there are on DPW now and on Etsy too! And they sell very cheap and with low shipping costs too. I can’t figure out how they do it?? And they are painting scenes in America too! Probably from photographs. It is frustrating since I spend time on location to paint the scenes they paint from photos!

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Hi Priya, I’m sorry I cant give you specifics since I live in the US but I can tell you that I have an accountant help me with my tax questions. Maybe you can find a tax expert in your area to help you get set up. As for registering your website, I have FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) as my web host and they answer all my web questions or lead me to someone who can. Wish I could be more help but if you do get your answers it might be great to post them here. I doubt you are the only one asking.

I’ve noticed that and am growing concerned. I’ve stopped posting on Fine Art America because of the visitors from a town in China that is famous for copying American art en masse, and then selling on the copies cheap. It seems that Russia has joined in the game.

Me too! I removed all my work from Fine Art America because I was sick every time I looked at my visitors. They were always from the same places and mostly from China. When I checked that city in China online, I discovered they are famous for copying art.

On Etsy there are a bunch of Russian artists painting scenes of Monterey — and selling cheap!! I spend hours on location painting the coast, spend money for motels, gas and travel to paint my paintings en plein air. I am getting more and more frustrated and discouraged with the situation. I don’t know what the answer is.
I would love to see scenes of Russia, not paintings of my home when these artists probably never set foot here. Because they are selling so cheaply, the public thinks they are getting a great buy!

My friend told me that there are lots of places in Berlin
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