Any way to add a blog push in addition to blog pull?

It’s great that DPW pulls work from my blog. Is there any way to make it a two-way street: make it possible as an option to push a DPW post (for example, done with the Upload Wizard) to my blog?

I agree - this would be a GREAT feature!

That is something I have thought about and have on my short To Do list. It would be something I could offer for members with a Blogger account. The big technical issue is, in order to push to a member’s blog, I would need to allow them to grant DPW access to their blog without giving DPW the password. I do know Blogger allows this.


Thanks, David. A short time after posting my suggestion, it occurred to me that where would be significant technical hurdles… still, it would be a nice-to-have…

That would be a great feature if it’s possible. And would that mean we could use Push exclusively? If we could turn off the automatic Pull, we could post on Blogger things that can’t be posted on DPW such as in progress, source material, etc.

Mary, you can turn off the blog auto pull feature at any time on your Account Info page. You can then, selectively, only after posting an artwork post, click the Pull Post button above your Art Tracking grid to pull in your latest post, thus freeing yourself to be able to post anything you want.