Any tips for getting people to view your DPW page?

I couldn’t get one view. Just wondering how you all get so much success?

Putting a painting in the auction will make your paintings viewed more. Also posting as often as you can helps viewers to notice you.

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Could we see your gallery? That might help us pinpoint any issues.

One thing I notice is that when I don’t list a price on my painting, I get fewer views.

I couldn’t find you…how are you listed?

I joined a month ago and unsubscribed because I wasn’t getting any views. I’m thinking of rejoining if I can find out ways to get people to my webpage.

I am a friend of Artists here and a buyer, but not a contributing artist - just to be clear. :slight_smile: My friends who are successful, approach their ‘marketing ‘ in many ways: DPW, other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. DPW has led to gallery opportunities for some, others sell through other venues such as Etsy. I think the more you put yourself out there, the more views/sales you will achieve. Of course high quality work is the given…the advantage of DPW is that goal of painting and posting daily and with that you see the progression of your work.
Any additional thing you can do will contribute to your success: blogs, business cards, participation in your local events, etc.
But bottom line, my belief is that you ask yourself: what are my goals. There is no right or wrong answer here. These are your goals. Identify those and you will have clarity on how to move forward.
Also for the record :wink: I am an artist. At this point in my life I am choosing to focus on my work and not sell or promote. This doesn’t make me better or worse in the ‘integrity’ of what i do…just my personal choice at this point in my life.
This may change tomorrow.
Keep painting.
Wishing you the best, K


I am new on here, too and when I joined I made sure my facebook and blog were also linked to DPW. When I posted up my first work I got a good amount of views, straight away…which was really encouraging! I guess the truth of the matter is that when you start on here you should bring along some ‘supporters’! I sold 3 pieces in the first week…since then, not so much, but it’s early days and there has been a fair amount of interest. Now, all I have to do is get the balance right between social media and PAINTING!!:wink:


@valeriepaints2019, I know how frustrating trying and waiting to be noticed can be. I painted full time for ten years before I had my first sale! After that, even as one of the very first Daily Painters, it took about two years before my online sales got rolling, and that was long before there was so much online competition as there is today.

Getting views and sales requires one to build a following, which takes time, no matter how good one is. The best way to do that is to post new work often to our What’s New page and to repost to FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

As Winston Churchill once said:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

He also said, more to the point:

“Never, never, never give up.”

Hang in there - persistence is often rewarded!

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I might add, since I just recently found this out for myself, that it doesn’t hurt to be a featured artist for a month, either! THAT has definitely increased the number of views and also given me my first customer who is a complete stranger…So, definitely enter the contest from time to time (but make sure you will have plenty to post up if you do get to be featured artist, so you can make the most of it…don’t be like me and not really anticipate the consequences and not be able to post up much due to being too busy:flushed: Ooops!)

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Hello! I’m new here, although I may have joined DPW few years ago and left for whatever reason and now returned to try my luck again with new work. I’m not sure how to get views here either, does this work like Etsy? You list and promote yourself or is there any help from DPW?

I found that participation in the Weekly (Now Monthly) challenge is amazing exposure. Also entering the contest… it’s a 10$ very well spent in my opinion! Doesn’t matter if you win or not, you’ll get views!

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I have branched out into social media to get people to go to my DPW gallery - I started posting in Instagram with a link to my Facebook account, DPW and my website which also refers people to DPW. I also joined “formothernature” which refers visitors to all of the above. I have found that painting and posting the best I have as often as possible helps and. So does participating in the Halle he’s and contests. Best wishes - keep going.

Excuse the typing errors! I meant participating in the challenges and contests helps!

Great tip! I’ve been thinking about entering the contests (with hopes to win a featured artist spot some day), but I’d better get painting!