Another "buyer" to flag

Here we go again. Had to flag again.

Sorry to hear this. Do we have a list of Red Flagged Buyers on DPW?

That would be NICE! But I guess they are flagged until they pay or the seller un-flags them. I don’t know why anyone would though unless they end up actually paying.

We don’t offer a list of flagged buyers because of privacy issues, however there is no need for one since once a buyer is flagged, they cannot bid again in a DPW auction unless they pay and are unflagged.


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Bob are you sending a personal email to the customer if they don’t pay right away? I have found that emailing them and thanking them for bidding, then asking if they are still interested in the painting works faster than flagging them. Have tried both ways and my best response has been by email, they reply and pay usually the next day.

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Good to know. I have not had the “flagging” experience yet but I like knowing DPW’s policy.

I will keep that method in mind for the future.


That’s what I’ve always done over the years. I’ve sent everything I could send to this particular person from emails to notifications. I got absolutely no response what-so-ever.
It’s been 3 weeks now with total silence from him. There comes a point where you have to realize that they’re stiffing you on the sale.

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at 3 weeks defiantly time to flag them.

These non payers, you are speaking of auctions only, yes? The other selling options are email and paypal so using Buy It Now, they must complete the sale by paying thru Paypal… Is that right?

Perhaps aside from what DPW has done which blocks them from bidding period until it is cleared up, is to have them prefill in their payment info with their max bid. Then payment could be processed and them notified of win! What? Illegal? Haha, works for me!

Sunny, Are you actually able to do this??? If so, I want to know how. Buy now is almost impossible to get sales with. Most people want to get your art for DIRT CHEAP!
Buy now has worked a few times but I can’t wait forever for sales, so I do what I can.

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It is slow for me too Bob. Fall just about here, should pick up. I hope.

I don’t believe it is an option at this time to automatically charge the winner, but why can’t it be? If they are seriously buying a piece by bidding, they should be automatically charged when they become the winner at end of auction --you can set options on other sites to complete sale immediately when they use ‘BIN’ (Buy It Now), wonder if they can make that option for auction buys?

DPW has gone that extra miles so these non payers can’t bid on anything on the site until flag is cleared up. That’s very helpful.

I have a non payer on another site now by ‘best offer’, and I had I accepted the offer moments after they submitted…we will see what happens.

My first auction ended with a winning bid… 2 days later still no payment… or contact of any sort with the winner…sigh… was not the way I wanted my first auction experience to go.

I understand that the non paying bidder can be flagged after a certain amount of time… and then they are not allowed to bid on auctions until payment has been made.

Surely they are not allowed to purchase any other art outside auctions either. I would hope that they would not be able to take part in anything else having to do with the site.

Hoping that the bidder will follow through. Makes me hesitant to continue with any future auctions with having such a bad taste so far.

Wishing you all the best with your sales.

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They usually do end up paying. 2 days for most people is a blink… I gave up on 2 buyers recently who then ended up paying a week after. I think it’s just a matter of very busy people I think. Don’t take it personally or to heart…

Sometimes a friendly note is enough to remind.

Thank you for your input. I’ve just never had a customer not at least acknowledge that they have received the emails. Oh well, first time for everything.


I had a buyer back in summer who took about a week to pay, and another around the same time who took four days. When we know we’ve sold something, we’re hyper-sensitive to how much time is passing, I think! Two days seems like forever. But if you’re dealing with a stressful job, a sick relative or pet, or some other distraction, two days is nothing! We don’t know what’s going on in their lives, so the best thing is to remain patient and stay positive.

I give it four or five days, usually. If the buyer hasn’t paid by then, I send a polite email reminding them that they’ve won the auction and they need to visit DPW to pay. I’ve never had to go further than that- so far, all my bidders have paid. Once the money’s in my account, I send the painting, and email them to thank them for their purchase / let them know the parcel’s tracking information. I very rarely get any emails from buyers at any stage of the process- maybe one in fifteen acknowledges my email? I don’t take it personally.

I like the auction format myself. I set the auction to relist 3 times, then switch to Buy it Now. I’ve sold most through auctions, but occasionally someone buys an older piece through Buy it Now.

I hope your bidder pays up soon!

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Thank you for your positive input. Tomorrow will be day 4…fingers crossed!

On 5th Day…
Update* Poked With A Flag And Paid Straight Away!!!


How do I go about un-flagging a buyer when I’ve already relisted the painting?

@danamarieart, just let me know who the buyer is, through the Support tab on the left of the website and I will unflag them. However first, did they contact you and satisfactorily explain why they didn’t pay? If not, I prefer to keep them flagged until I hear such a reason. This will keep them from bidding without paying again.

Also, the quickest way to get answers to these kinds of questions is to ask us through our support system. Thanks!

Thank you, David! I’ll respond through support tab instead of posting their info here.

Again, thank you!

Dana Marie