Analytics question TO or FROM?

Can anyone answer a question about DPW Analytics?

Say I have 6 clicks in the Blog category in my Analytics chart for a painting….

Does that show 6 people who are clicking to visit my Blog FROM my DPW page or visiting my DPW gallery page FROM my blog?

The same question for the Social category.
Are the Analytics numbers showing clicks FROM Facebook TO my gallery page or are they clicking on the icon on my DPW page to see my Facebook page?

I hope I have made my question clear.

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I would like to know the answer to this, too. I don’t have a blog and have blog hits. And pictures i haven’t posted on my social media account receive social media hits. Just can’t figure what exactly this means.

Gee that is interesting. No blog but numbers showing on your analytics? It is very strange. Hope David addresses this.

I’ve been wondering this myself and couldn’t find any in-depth explanations.