Adding my DPW site to a business card?

Greetings! How would I refer to my DPW gallery on a business card, please? I am fairly new to painting and to selling art, and so far only have pieces on my gallery that are not ready for sale, but I will be leading four painting workshops this weekend and would like to tell the participants about my site. A business card seemed like a smart idea. I will soon have a few pieces to sell, but for right now I’m just trying to figure out how to build the site but hate to lose the opportunity this weekend to tell people about it.

I -love- DPW, by the way, and have so many favorite artists here that I could not begin to list them all. What a wonderful gathering of creativity, knowledge, skill, and work.

–Shawnee Fleenor

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Hi Shawnee,

We are very happy to have you with us!

The best way to get a quick reply to questions like this is to ask us through our support system (the Support link up at the top of the site).

You can put your default DPW Gallery URL on your business card, however, it is a good bit unwieldy:

Instead, you can register a domain name with us, such as, and put that on your card instead.

You can do that from the Domain Manager:

Take care,



That’s awesome!
Thank you, David for that response. Glad that question was asked.

I had been meaning to merge my WordPress website, can I do that too?

You are welcome!

What do you mean by “merge my WordPress website?”

it’s easy to generate a QR code from any URL, see example:

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Thank you so much for the QR code information. I am going to create one for my business cards and show posters. Keeping up with the times will feel great!
Bobbie cook

Hi Bobbi and Shawnee
Johnna is right about the QR codes, and you can use them everywhere. If you are passing out an instruction page for your class, it can be added to the sheet; add to your name badge as I did recently for a show opening and yes on your business cards. Eventually QR codes will be replaced with a different and newer technology but, until then they are everywhere, even on your tv!

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You’ve probably already figured this out, but you can also go into PayPal and create specific painting QR codes that will take a buyer directly to payment (fee structure is a bit different too). Would think this might be helpful for a live show (process is a bit tedious). To me, much easier just to bring them to DPW gallery and go from there.

@Linda_McCoy - love your “tag line”

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Yes, I think you’re right, I know of an artist who tagged her paintings at a show with QR codes to take buyers directly to a paypal payment. All she had to do at that show was engage with collectors, no payment issues of using her iphone to execute a purchase. It might work well to do that at outdoor shows and fairs as well.