Active Bidding is very little

Is the active bidding left on for a week? Out of 39 active bids, 5 are for Carol Marine’s paintings. She is the owner of the website. Very little bidding. Statistically, the odds of selling don’t seem very good…

Once an auction gets a bid, the painting remains on the Active Bidding page until the auction closes. So depending on the length of the auction set by the artist and when the first bid occurs, any given painting could be in active bidding anywhere from a few hours to 9 or 10 days.

In general, this time of year seems a bit slow. But I would say that the odds of selling are different for everyone, because they depend on a number of varying factors (DPW does not exist in a vacuum.) Looking at some members’ galleries, you’ll see many, many red dots; in others, hardly any. Some factors:

  • Quality and consistency of work.
  • Reputation and sales history, including both online buyers and an artist’s own local clientele.
  • Frequency of posting
  • Appropriateness of the work for the venue
    *Self-promotional efforts–online (blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc), mailings, open studios, gallery participation, teaching (I think this can generate a lot of interest), etc.
  • Timing–the right person seeing the right painting at the right time (frequent posting improves odds)–and a small degree of luck. Every day DPW logs literally thousands of pop-up views. Some of those are other artists, but I believe many are shoppers.

One of mine made it into active bidding while I was writing this post, so I can pretend I know what I’m talking about.:grin:

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Very well said. Thanks for the input!

Here are a few more statistics David posted on another thread that you might find interesting:
“Google says DPW has over 460,000 links from other websites with over half being from links to work on our member’s blogs. Pinterest has over 20,000 links to DPW. For some reason Facebook is not included in the statistics, however there should be many, many Facebook links to DPW, as well. All these links are very effective at pulling in visitors and promoting DPW.”