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Abstract art along with realism

Just wondering if anybody paints and sells abstract art along with their realist art? If so, how do collectors who collect your landscape or still life paintings respond, do they seem to mind.

I painted a small abstract over the weekend just for a change and liked the results. So I was curious if anyone is doing both, and being successful at it.

Yep! I do, and am. :smile:
Buyers buy one or the other of mine. Not usually both abstract and realism.


I agree, Sunny…I sell both but find they are two distinct ‘camps’ my realist collectors are not interested in the abstracts and abstract collectors likewise. I really don’t mind as long as they are happy with what they choose.

I recently did a series of abstract art…which is way different from my usual portraits, and landscapes. And it took quite a few months, but recently someone bought one…I was over the moon :slight_smile:

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Sooner or later a buyer will be found for just about anything if the artist is persistent and the price is reasonable, however, the ultimate responsibility is with the artist to produce and offer only the best work possible regardless of whether or not it sells. With the greatest of integrity it is the artist who safeguards the interests of the buyer. Once I had a small piece of wood nearby while I was painting and I was using it to clean my brushes on. It had a rather interesting pattern so I posted it on ebay and it sold. Since the shipping was free and the price so low, it cost more to mail than I received for the painting so I have no qualm of conscience, I basically gave it gratis, however it was an interesting experiment, especially with regard to abstracts.

I love your profile pic!

Thank you Sunny Avocado

Sorry wrong reply sunny

Thanks Sunny! I like it too :smile:

Different styles need to be in their own separate portfolios, and I need to follow my own advice, LOL! Also you’ll find that if you do 2 or more styles/genres, you may have a different following for each one.