About photographic paper options

I need to take the prints of my photographs. I read about different kind of photographic paper options here http://www.printpartner.ca/photographic-prints . As I am new to this, I don’t have much idea about photo printing. What are the available sizes to take photo prints? I have heard about Glossy finish photo papers, Satin finish photo papers, Matt papers. What are the differences in these three methods?

Matte, satin, gloss - these are simply the finish of the paper, akin to the surface quality of two-dimensional art. Varnished oils and gloss acrylics are glossy. Watercolors are typically matte. Most drawings and pastels are matte as well. Many acrylics seem to be satin, somewhere between glossy and matte.

Which you choose is partly dependent on your taste and that of your customers, and partly dependent on your original. My taste is for matte.

There are edge considerations as well – that is, the edges of the objects in your photos. If you concentrate on highly detailed, intricate subjects (for example, ironwork railings around country estates, or macros of flowers), glossy paper will help retain details. If you specialize in misty or soft-focus scenes, you’ll likely want matte or satin.

In the long run, you’ll want to commission samples of your work reproduced on as many options as you can afford. At that point, you can make a decision as to which sample is most pleasing or artistically correct to you.