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What do you do with those paintings that linger unfinished?

(Terri-Anne Barge) #1

I’ve had a painting sitting on the mantle over my fireplace for 2 months. Today I decided “enough” and used Faber Castell indian ink pens to finish it off. It changed from an acrylic on watercolour painting to a mixed media painting. It took some drawing to achieve what I wanted to do with it. What do you do in these situations? I have an acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas painting that has been sitting around for more than a year. I think that one might become mixed media, too.

(Ken Devine) #2

I have a lot of unfinished paintings. They are perfect for a quick turnaround when you are suddenly inspired (with fresh eyes) to spend an hour or so on it. I never throw paintings that I’m unhappy with away…they are possible diamonds in dust waiting for that day when you suddenly see why you didn’t finish it at the time. Nothing is a failure if you are prepared to re-visit it.
I also find that when I’m on fire (not very often) I’m likely to blitz through a number of the shelved ones while I’m totally switched on. It works for me.
So, in answer to your question…you keep them in view and eventually FINISH them.

(Terri-Anne Barge) #3

Thanks for your reply, Kevin. As it turned out it was a good thing I finished that painting because it sold through DPW this week. I’ll look at older paintings with a critical eyes and see what I can do with them. I use acrylic so it is easy to turn them into mixed media pieces.

(David Kuhn) #4

Yep. Or try to finish them and accidentily ruin them. Either kill 'em or cure 'em, as I heard someone once say.