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Pumice ground question

(Robert Keller) #1

I’ve been experimenting with dry brushing over textured surfaces. One thing I’ve dried is adding some tooth to the surface by mixing pumice with acrylic medium. I know you can get prpared product like this but for cost reasons I want to mix my own. I bought some pumice from a company sells pastel supplies, but it’s too fine, there isn’t much texture there.

Can anyone recommend a source for pumice powder and a good grade to use?

(Theresa Taylor Bayer) #2

If you want a cheap, more textured alternative to powdered pumice, you could try fine sand or grog (grog is fired clay, ground up). You can get those from a pottery supplier.

(Mitch Egeberg) #3

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEAi_iMAWWE