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Have you found any good free videos on Youtube?

(Elena Nayman) #36

A great video, a demo by Alvaro Castagnet

(Elena Nayman) #37

Another one is by Graham Berry.

(Anne Wood) #38

Thanks Gary, I have been watching these Stefan Baumann videos and now I am hooked! Great stuff.

Kind regards, Anne.

(Gary Westlake) #39

In researching painting supports I came across this series of basic videos by Andrew Davis

(Gary Westlake) #40

future conservators be very afraid

(Gary Westlake) #41

In case you have a hankering to make your own frames

Where to purchase Frames for 6 x 8 and 6 x 6 paintings
(Rhett Owings) #42

The videos on Watermixable Cobra oils are EXCELLENT. There are 8 in all and are well worth watching if you are using watermixable oils. I am having all my students watch them.

(Carla Ciordoni) #43

Thank you!!! So appreciate these links, as I’m finding it hard to get to classes due to time scheduling. Thank you!

(Christine Derrick) #44

I don’t often watch videos because I get a numb rear sitting down so long at the computer. Also, I’d never do any painting, because videos are always so absorbing.
Can’t add much to the list myself, other than to say I do follow Karen Margulis’ pastel blog and have watched a few vids as well; I also like Richard Robinson’s work, even though I’m not doing so much in oils right now. (sigh) so much to see and so little time…

(Jean Fitzgerald) #45

I have some free ones on my blog. There is a link on my page. Jean Fitzgerald

(Sunny Avocado) #46

I just came across another video i am so excited about. So here I will share the link :

Part that got me excited is this guy who is an amazing portrait painter had the same issue I have come up against a quite a few times! Somewhere nearing the end putting the details in a portrait, I kind of make the person --not look like the person all of a sudden. And I have the choice of pitching the painting which I’ve often done. Starting over. Or trying to change it, and at that stage it’s very hard for me because I have so many layers of paint and hills of paint! So I try to sand it down and I make a mess and i throw out the painting in the end. Very frustrating.

But this guy who so accomplished, had the same issues! Very liberating for me to see that! And it makes me feel very understood, not alone, and hopeful for a brighter future! I know, I’m so silly.

So go check it out and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did ! :grin:

(David Kuhn) #47

For the more abstract-minded…

John Harris video

(Connie McLennan) #48

This is not instruction in the strict sense, but it is one of the most breathtaking videos I’ve seen online. Every painter I admire idolizes Sorolla.

(Sunny Avocado) #49

I LOVED this one, thank you!

(David Kuhn) #50


You’re welcome :slight_smile: The question he posed of “How literal do you want to be in your representation?” is one I think about a lot…

(GG) #51

Hello from Australia
I have found Jennifer Marie’s videos very helpful. She shares her experiences, learning and insights each week whilst attending a painting atelier. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuS3tkDFLe5PoeA7qpi6wzA/videos

(Gary Westlake) #52

Here is a series of plein air demos by Tom Hughes That you might find interesting.

(Sunny Avocado) #53

Very much enjoyed, thanks for sharing @garyw!

(Gary Westlake) #55

Here is one you might like by Trent Gudmundsen. He has a number of plein air demos

(Andrea Jeris) #56

Thanks Gary, that was pretty good. :slightly_smiling_face: