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Do you sit or stand when you paint?

(Valri Alexander Ary) #21

great idea…I love yoga and find that when I paint I just forget about my body…I’ll try your technique!! THANKS

(Mary Aikens) #22

I prefer sitting because I feel as though I can have a better balance with my supplies as well as dealing with an issue with my hips & lower back. There’s times when I paint in the kitchen because I like the lighting there the best in the house.

(Dave Casey) #23

Depends on the size of the painting. If I am doing one of my small, daily paintings I will sit. I have a mini easel that sits nicely on my desk that will hold up to an 8x10 painting. Larger paintings I stand most of the time at my larger floor easel, unless I am working the details on a smaller section of the painting. Then I will probably sit on a padded barstool I picked up at Goodwill that is just perfect for it.

(Jacqueline Davis) #24

I thought I would re-open this thread as I saw this report that came out today:
Sitting too long…


I know that we all know that sedentary behaviour affects our health but reading it in black and white sometimes hits home.

I made a conscious decision to try to stand as much as possible when I paint. It may sound like there’s not much of a difference between sitting and standing but I think healthwise, it does help.

(Geoff) #25

I prefer to stand, but in practice I often have to sit, as my back and heel (plantar fasciitis) start to hurt after an hour or so of standing. Standing in one spot hurts my back; walking too much hurts my heel. One solution is to bring a chair and sit in it for frequent breaks. That helps some.

Ideally I’d start a painting standing, then sit for a while, then stand for a while, etc. But doing so obviously changes one’s point of view! It might work for a landscape with a big vista, but it certainly won’t work for a portrait or still life.

(Jacinthe Rivard) #26

Wow! I alway sit! Seems like I’m in the minority’s! I do back up often and take lot’s of pictures of my work in progress but I sit right back. I think I’m going to try standing up from now on now that I’ve read all your comments :slight_smile: I never gave it much of a thought before. I do find it easier to adjust my stool as I paint Instead of adjusting my mammoth of a easel!

(Gayle Levee) #27

I always stand, partly to step back more often, and partly for my back. In my twenties, I used to do scratchboard illustrations, and I did them sitting down. I just about ruined my back until I started using a high drafting desk for the drawings, and standing. When I switched to easel painting, standing just came naturally – then I learned about the benefits to my art. I’m always trying to get my students to stand!