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Do you like to receive positive comments from other artists about your paintings?

(Terri-Anne Barge) #1

There is so much great art on this site I wonder why there are comparatively few comments from one artist to another. I’m always sending comments and I’ve assumed that genuine comments of appreciation are enjoyed. Maybe I’m wrong about that or maybe such comments aren’t valued. What are your thoughts on this? There could be valid reasons for not wanting comments. The person making the comment could be characterizing your work in a certain way you don’t like. Maybe when you open your email box and see a message “Regarding Painting X” you are hoping for an offer to buy and the comments are unwelcome background noise. I’m wondering what you think.

(Jean Nelson) #2

I think positive feedback is appreciated and helpful to both artist and potential buyer. I think DPW has grown so large that it has lost much of the community feel it had a few years ago, and artists don’t comment as much as they used to, mainly because they don’t know each other like they used to. I know I don’t comment as I used to.

(Mary Firth) #3

I’m glad you brought this up. It’s great to have comments from everyone, in my opinion – other artists, visitors – and so I’m going to start leaving comments for people. Glad to have this reminder, Terri-Anne. Maybe we can (re)start a trend.

(Anne Wood) #4

I love receiving comments from anyone. It has been very good to know someone out there is interested enough in my art to take the time and trouble. Thank you to those who do. I always make a point of replying too to say thank you. I feel I know other artists now around the world in a small way. Every bit of positivity is a welcome thing to artists working away, often alone and I commend it. :blush:

(Susan Mackenzie) #5

Comments are very uplifting. Even if your painting doesn’t sell, you know that at least one person liked it enough to take the time to comment. I do the same when I come across a painting that moves or fascinates me, however I don’t always get the opportunity to look at all the new works coming in every day.

(John Tullis) #6

Good subject! Being an artist requires spending a lot of time alone, and it takes discipline and will power to devote one’s self to the task. There can be a thousand daily distractions, too!
I love painting, and am especially proud when I manage to produce one that resonates. But back to the “alone” part – what I really enjoy, even crave, is some sort of recognition, or feedback, to break the solitude of my own small studio world. We can’t produce, and exist, in a vacuum.
That’s the main reason I joined DPW – for the COMMUNITY.
So my response is, yes, please comment on the paintings I post to my gallery page! I trust that other DPW artists would do as I do – give thoughtful observations to works of art that they like. I love to
compliment artists when they knock one out of the park
because I know how good it feels when someone else, especially a trained artist, “gets” what I do.
In a biography I’m currently reading about the Bay Area painter David Park, his daughter, the author, recalls David asking her, at a young age, what she thought the 4 basic necessities of life are. She replied, "Food, water, shelter, and love?"
And her father replied, “No, the fourth is RECOGNITION.”

(Hilarie Johnson) #7

All artists like feedback. It can keep you going when you are in a slump and not motivated to paint. Comments from Dailypaintworks members are very important to me. I appreciate all of them. I think artists here develop relationships with members and support each other. I also notice that there are several artists who offer the same subject matter as I do but never comment or leave thanks for comments I sent to them. ( All positive )
If I really like a painting, I will comment. It doesn’t matter if they are offering a similar subject that I posted. Good art is simply that. Give praise where praise is due but be gracious and respond.
Sometimes, I just can’t comment because I really don’t like what I see.
We are all members of Dailypaintworks for a reason, affordable exposure as artists and a chance to sell our art.
You can’t make someone comment on your work and you may wonder why they don’t especially if you commented on theirs in a positive way. My advice is to give back to what you are receiving and not to take no comments too seriously.
Your creativity does not depend on remarks. It depends on you.

(Marjie Laizure) #8

It’s so good to be discussing this. I know that when I look at the art on DPW I often have a strong reaction to some pieces but simply don’t take a whole 15 seconds to give feedback. I’m full of valid excuses, but I know also that most people appreciate a little validation and in the name of good karma I should share my humble thoughts if I ever hope to reap any feedback for my own art making. Thanks for bringing this up.

(J M Needham) #9

I paint because I’m passionate about it, and it’s like therapy for me, helps me organise my mind and stay positive. I am grateful when people like what I do, and appreciate when they take the time to tell me- and I’ll send them a reply to thank them. That said, I don’t mind too much if no one comments on my art. View statistics help me determine how interested people are in my art, and which paintings are the most popular; comments can provide extra insight, of course.

As Daily Paintworks is a site for selling art, there are a lot of professional artists here- running workshops, involved with galleries, minding market stalls… I am guessing they don’t have much free time, and I expect they’d rather like to spend it with their spouses, kids, friends. Others have non-art jobs and responsibilities. So I don’t begrudge people for not commenting.

In my mid-teens, I spent a good hour each day leaving comments on whichever art forum or gallery I was a part of at the time. I took pride in what I wrote; I tried to explain what I liked about the work, and did my best to provide critique if the artist requested it. But now, I’m studying for a degree, self-employed, and have to think about scary grown-up things like learning to drive, filing taxes, planning my future. And as I’m active on quite a few sites at once these days, my comment-time gets split between them. So I don’t comment quite as much as I used to, but I do still make an effort.

(Terri-Anne Barge) #10

I haven’t received any feedback to stop commenting so I’ll continue to leave my notes of appreciation for individual paintings when I visit the site. The Art Talk is a good forum for discussion and feedback. Thank you to the eight artists who noted this thread. It is nice to share thoughts and views with other artists around the world.

(Sunny Avocado) #11

@woodworks You are such a positive person! I have read your comments here and there since you joined and you are a joy. :slight_smile:

(Sunny Avocado) #12

I know it’s been 27 days and I am just seeing this thread, so sometimes it takes a while for people to get around but I believe the ripples in the water keep rippling! Not everyone leaves comments but there are a lot of readers, you can see that in views so for every good positive comment we leave-it has its effect.

And the more we do leave our positiveness (if that’s a word!), its impact will be felt and will combat negative-nellies who are inevitably on the internet. (That was a mouthful!)

So thank you, all you positive people for making DPW such a joy in making beautiful artwork and making such nice comments, it’s a lovely community.

(Anne Wood) #13

Thank you Sunny…what lovely kind words.