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Working on multiple canvases - do you have multiple palettes?

(Rhett Regina Owings) #21

I like the Masterson boxes too. I have had several for years. I use the petroleum jelly on the edges which helps get the lids on and off easier. I used to put my palette into the freezer, but I discovered that if you don’t let the lid warm up before you take it off, it cracks and splits. So now I set the box into the sun to warm up.
Since I use Cobra water mixable oils, I just lightly spray my palette with water before sealing it. I also work on a piece of glass inserted into my box. I think that helps somewhat to keep my paint damp and is easy to clean with a razor blade. I am going to try the clove oil. Good idea.

(Tessa Stanley) #22

My masterson lids warped very quickly also and my studio is definitely not warm. I tried weighing the lid down for a week with some heavy books while on the box but really have not found anything to help. I had taken them back to the art store within the first month of purchase but alas he suggested he could sell me a new lid - didn’t see the point. Maybe we just got a bad batch?? Sounds like others have had more success.

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Yes, I was surprised that others had success, I don’t think mine ever fit but for a week. I was being generous when I said weeks or months. Glad to know I’m not crazy. :wink:

(Sharon McIntosh) #24

I take photos of my palette with colors written above in markers. I use to use the masterson palette but it never sealed. I sometimes use a jelly roll pan from Bed Bath & Beyond which seals well. To save space I use a palette https://www.greatarttools.com/palette_garage_store/
Notes help too.

(Karen Eade) #25

Yes. I have one palette per painting (but normally I only work on two at a time) and I use paper palettes, which I store in a lidded A4 craft box, like this
You can also get them A3. They do not stop the paint drying out if you leave them for ages, especially alkyds, but at least it is possible to see what combo produced which colour mix.
Also, I have little plastic tubs that I drop the paint tubes into for each painting. They live there rather than in their primary storage until the painting is done.

If the painting is a commission and colour matching is critical (e.g. the fur on someone’s precious dog) , I also write the brand and colour I used + any relevant notes + even some little colour swatches in a notebook with heavyweight paper. This has proved absolutely essential recently when I got a 2nd commission from a customer who wanted her 2nd dog painted on the exact same colour background as the first dog, 4 years earlier!

(Rosemary Antel) #26

What wonderful ideas! When I was using a very restricted palette, I never had this problem, but now that I have gotten more adventuresome in my pigment choices, I see that I need more documentation. Thank you so much for the post.