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Working from photographs

What kinds of cameras do people use to take photos to paint from? Do you display them on monitors or print them out?

Hi Jean,
I use a Sony with interchangeable lenses and occasionally a small Panasonic Lumix (Because I can take that camera ANYWHERE, even underwater and it can be dropped from a height and not broken, 'cause sometimes the best references are found in places you wouldn’t normally dare to take a camera!) When working from a photographic reference you do have to be aware of photographic distortion, so, I do try to work from life as much as I can, but, yes, I do use a lot of photographic material, because of the nature of my subject matter. I use my references straight off the screen of my laptop and I use the zoom function to try and have them sight-size as much as possible. Hope you find this helpful and welcome to the Daily Paintworks community! :grinning:

I now use my iPhone as it has more pixels than my 35mm. And I used to print them but last year bought an iPad and the pics are so much more clear and life like And I save so much from not buying all that ink! Photos on my iPhone automatically show up on my iPad. Also if I need a detail I can zoom in on the iPad. I can crop and adjust the lighting. I love it!

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I use my iPad mini and paint from monitor

Thank you for the info!

Thanks. I need to get an iPhone!

Thanks for replying. I’ve tried using my ipad mini for photos, seems to work better for up close things like flowers.

I use my iPhone X to shoot and occasionally work from prints but usually display the image on either desktop or more often iPad Pro. The iPhone/iPad combo is extremely versatile, produces excellent photos and is a winner for me in so many ways. It’s worth taking a little time to learn some of the less obvious things an iPhone camera can do.