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Why are people selling their art so cheaply?

(Jacqueline Davis) #101

Karen, I completely agree.
I have only had good experience with Daily Paintworks. Again my buyers have all been lovely. I think buyers from Daily Paintworks know what the expectations are - probably most of them are aspiring artists themselves - and if it is only other artists buying the work, that’s fine by me.

I think people have to decide for themselves what their expectations are.
Personally I have seen Daily Paintworks as a spring board to get me started. It’s a great way to see for yourself what people are interested in buying. If people are not interested in a painting for one reason or another, that’s a leaning curve in itself.
I’m always interested to see what gets the most views and what doesn’t. Sometimes it can be a big surprise to see what people like to look at.

Speaking for myself, my expectations are:
I wouldn’t expect to sell anything I wouldn’t be prepared to hang on my own wall at home.
I wouldn’t sell a painting for anything less than I’d be happy to accept. I’d frankly far rather give a painting away as a gift than sell it for less than I feel it’s worth. Giving painting as gifts is a great way to get rid of inventory, it’s personal and it saves you having to buy something! Plus you have learned something in the process.
I use Daily Paintworks as a learning experience and a way to grow.
If something isn’t working, I try something different.
At the end of the day, Daily Paintworks is designed for selling small daily paintings and I try to keep that in mind.

(Alix Baker PCAFAS UA) #102

Agree re eBay. Great thing about DPW is that it is not a site where the artist feels remote from those running it. Much more personal and that is special for artists.

(Joseph Mahon) #103

Well said Karen,
You speak for all of us.

(Andrea Jeris) #104

Apparently not cheaply enough! I’ve had 4 people ask me if I would take LESS for my art. Two offered less than half my asking price! I’ve offered discounts to repeat buyers before but this is getting a bit much.

A few years ago when I was cleaning out my studio and sold about a dozen pieces on eBay for really low prices I found out someone was buying them up, marking them up, and reselling them in their own eBay store.

(J. Dunster) #105

Wow, Andrea, I’ve heard of people reselling art, but it must have been hard to actually see it happening.

People ask for more than HALF OFF of your already low prices? (I looked at your gallery, your work is very good and I see your prices are very reasonable already!) Well, I guess they can ask… I’ve given modest discounts to repeat buyers too; I think a lot of artists are open to doing that. But it’s crazy to expect to slash your already low prices that much lower. We are getting pulled in two directions: “Don’t price your work too low!” and “Your [super low] prices are still too high! I can get a print at Walmart for less than that!” Oy vey!

(Lori Twiggs) #106

Andrea, how did you discover that? I had a customer who purchased a suspiciously large amount of paintings from me for pennies on the dollar when I was just starting out. I always suspected there was some resale happening but I decided that was her business. However, I always wondered and never found out. She had no on line presence (red flag) with the name she gave me.

(Andrea Jeris) #107

Right when I sold them I searched on eBay for the buyer’s eBay name and I searched for my last name. It’s been a few years but I think they actually used my name in their listing. At least they weren’t painting out my name and selling it as their own as I’ve seen others complain of.

(Fran Caldwell) #108

Karen, I so enjoyed your contribution in March. It almost echoes my own experience. I am a novelist, independently published, and have little or no followups for even my low-priced eBooks (paperbacks are almost a waste of time).
Art and writing were never going to be an easy way to make a living, and I never expected it. We do it because it’s necessary to our peace of mind. When we don’t follow our creative drives, we are miserable. So money is lovely, but simply to have one’s work appreciated, actually looked at and commented on – that would be nice. Sometimes I think my paintings and novels are not really out there, and I have to check that my web/blog/DPW site, etc. are working. But, when a sale happens (as it has from time to time) I am humbled and grateful. It’s always worthy of celebration.