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Where to purchase Frames for 6 x 8 and 6 x 6 paintings

(Veronica Brown) #14

Agreed—the Mahogany is very “red”…not at all what I was expecting.

(Valerie Bassett) #15

We should be sure to do a review online so they are made aware. Maybe they will go back to the true mahogany and gold colors, which were very nice. In the meantime don’t order those colors and return if they are unused.

(Theresa Taylor Bayer) #16

Jerry’s has the “Gallery” frames that I like, and they come in small sizes like 6x6. They come with plexiglass in them, but without a mat. They’re really easy to use, either with a panel or with a stretched canvas.

(Candi Hogan) #17

Oh okay, Thanks Theresa! I was wondering if you could use those for panels or not…I’ll have to go back and take a look at those!

(Mary Schiros) #18

Check out 5dollarframes.com they have really nice small frames at a great price, I was surprised at how great they look for the cost.

(Candi Hogan) #19

Thanks Mary, I will check it out!

(Bobbi Heath) #20

Hi Candi,

I like Florida Frames. I mostly buy their traditional gold wood frames, which work very well with Raymar panels. If you buy three or more of the same size, they give you 15% off. I’ve used them in several galleries and plein air competitions, so I know they present the work well. They have both traditional and contemporary styles.

This one is my favorite for small paintings, and it’s less than $20 per frame.


They have great customer service, I once had a frame damaged in transit, and they sent me a new one immediately.

(Candi Hogan) #21

Thanks Bobbi, I just checked them out! I liked the Gold Vertu frame also, but their site is really confusing. Put in a quote to see prices and it just took me to check out to fill in my info…no price quote. Think perhaps I will give them a call. THANKS!

(Patricia Ann Rizzo) #22

If you have an Aaron Bros. or a Michaels near you they often have sales on frames and their frames of that size are nowhere near the price you mentioned. I generally wait for their penny sale and buy one frame and get another for a penny. Generally they go up to about $20.00 or much much less.

(Candi Hogan) #23

Thanks Patricia, unfortunately neither are in Las Cruces, NM, where I live. We do have a Hobby Lobby though, sometimes get frames for my larger works there. Are you buying picture frames for those sizes, and just taking out the glass, or do they have painting frames that size? I could always look on line! Thanks again!

(Deirdre McCullough Grunwald) #24

Franken Frames…www.frankenframes.com.Deirdre

(Candi Hogan) #25

Thanks Diedre! I will check it out, just received a huge box filled with on sale frames from Jerry’s that I am really happy with! Loved the way they shipped them too, in their own individual boxes that can be reused for shipping!

(Veronica Brown) #26

I have had very good luck with the Jerry’s Plein Air frames. I just wish they offered a bit more variety. The only frame in that series I really wasn’t happy with is the one in Mahogany–it is a bit too “red” for my taste. I was hoping for a darker brown with just a hint of the “red”. I have also ordered custom frame sizes from www.pictureframes.com and right now, they are running free shipping through 3-24!

(Jean McLean) #27

Check out Guerilla Painter. They’re having a small frame sale right now. An artist friend just got some for her 6x8’s and they’re nice!

(Candi Hogan) #28

Thanks Veronica! I am always happy with Jerry’s frames, haven’t tried the Mahogany though, and guess from what you, and others, have said will steer clear of them! Missed out on the sale at pictureframes, but will check them out. Right now, I have two shelves full though, as stocked up when Jerry’s had a sale.

(Bob Kimball) #29

Does this mean that everyone is selling their paintings with frames? I figured most artists just ship the painting and let the buyer pick out a frame.

(Andrea Jeris) #30

I never sell with frames online, only in a gallery.

(Gary Westlake) #31

You could always try to make your own frames

(Lori Twiggs) #32

I was just told about JFM I havent used them yet but I did get an account with them. Their prices seem competitive to King of Frame (whos shipping just hiked up). I believe they are located on the East coast.
My plan is to purchase this week to feel them out for customer service, quality, shipping fees and length of time from order to door. Hopefully I can report back some good news!

(Theresa Taylor Bayer) #33

Yes, you can use the Jerry’s Gallery frames
for either panels or stretched canvas. They are designed with two grooves inside the frame.