What brush sizes do you use for little paintings?

Hi! Just wondering what size brushes other artists use for their 6 x 6 paintings. A friend of mine, who is a great artist, advised me to use #6, or #8 brushes…? Guess he was advising me to loosen up! Still in the beginning,experimental stage with these little ones, and thought perhaps some input would help. Thanks!

I use mostly 4,6 and palette knives. For my miniatures like my 3" x 3" I use 12/0

As large as possible. Sometimes I don’t take my own advice, however. Then it gets tighter.

Thanks Camille! Oh my, 3 x3’s?! I’m finding the 6 x 6’s difficult! Off to check out your work!

Thanks Anne! When I used to paint, I painted really large,4’ x 3’, I am getting really tight with these little ones. I’m beggining to think that part of my problem might be that I am sitting when I paint…super focusing in and using more wrist than arm motion. Time to get out and do plein air and get off my rump, and use the larger brushes. Off to check out your work, thanks for your input!

I was using #4 and #2 on a 6x6" or 6x8" but now I’m taking a class and we use a #14 for everything painting on a 6x6" and my brushwork has gotten much looser and improved. :relaxed:

Wow Andrea, a #14! I will have to start experimenting with the larger brushes. Thanks for your input!

The Windsor & Newton Monarch flat brush is WONDERFUL.

Thanks Andrea, who are you taking your class with?

An eCourse with Dreama Tolle Perry.

Hi CANDI, I’m on the same course as Andrea and I use a size 8 from Rosemary and Co in their Ivory range, it’s the same width I believe as the w&N 14. Hope this helps.

Thanks Joy! I do some of the Richrd Robinsons workshops online, and was thinking about ordering a set of the Rosemary brushes that just came out with his name! I did check out Dreama’s course, after hearing about it from Andrea, and now have my name on the list for the Fall course.

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Oh, wonderful! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life art wise so I’m sure you will have a fab time too! I don’t want it to end! Best wishes, Joy.

It is a fantastic course. Be sure to buy your supplies early. With so many people ordering her list things get backordered fast and end up waiting for their supplies far into the course—especially the brush.

Hi Andrea! I already went online and saw her water solubles supply list, and have ordered all the paints from Dick Blick already! Not the panels though, as I have a closet full of canvas and panels I have to go through first! I didn’t order the brush, as I have so many already…but maybe will order it. Anxiously awaiting delivery to start playing!

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I’m loving Dreama’s class too! This is my first time working with oils and with the 14 flat. I’ve painted all of the assignments but am holding onto the bonus assignment… I guess because I don’t want it to end! LOL! Dreama put together a wonderful class that I highly recommend to anyone interested. I know she’s running it again this September and is running a “level 2” class in January 2017 (so I already know what I’m asking for as my holiday gift this year!). :wink:

Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed the class Lisa! I’ m really looking forward to taking it! I think the fact that she creates a Facebook page for all the participants is cool too. I know I have been taking Richard Robinsons workshops online, and on that site I find all the participants make friends, are encouraging and helpful. Great to see everone’s work too!

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Hi, I try to use the biggest brushes possible to keep in loose.

Thanks for your input James! Like your work! See you do mainly 8 x 10’s so what brush size do you generally reach for first, and do you use any smaller brush for the finishing detail work?

I don’t use brushes or palette knives.