What brand of oil paint do you use and why?

Tell us what you’ve tried, why you liked it or didn’t, and what you use now.

I have used Utrecht’s professional grade paint for years and have loved it. But in the last few years I’ve gotten a few tubes that weren’t up to par (not mixed well, or just not as yummy of a texture as before) and so I’ve slowly been switching over the Gamblin. They seem to be more consistent, so far.

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I love both Gamblin and Rembrandt…have tried a gaggle of others but these keep me coming back ! Also like Permalba white…now and then.

I like Grumbacher Max water soluble oil paints. My hands can not handle the solvents required for regular oils and since I paint in my dining room (I live in an apartment) the water soluble oil paints are less problematic. They mostly work like traditional oils, except they can be thined with water. I have only tried Grumbacher Max, Grumbacher Max 2, and Winsor & Newton Artisan. I prefer the Grumbacher Max because the colors are richer and the paint thicker (I can thin down as needed).


I started using Utrecht’s professional grade oil pigments over 20 years ago. since they merged with Dick Blick, one of the my necessary palette colors is consistanly out of stock. This forced me to use another brand for that color. But I love their pigments.

I have used Winsor & Newton “Artists’ Oil Colour” for several years, but switched to Gamblin based on a recent plein air workshop. This was a time consuming switch for me since I have completed the color charts as described in Richard Schmid’s book “Alla Prima”. As time consuming as this exercise was, it was extremely valuable for my understanding of color.

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I am using Lucas Brand Artist 1862 oil colors , they dry fast and also blend well

I have used Winsor & Newton for some time now as well as Michael Wilcox oils. They suit my way of working and generally I am happy with the quality. However, today I found Blue Ridge Handmade Oils through reading an artist’s blog. On the strength of that I have placed an order and await delivery. When I have tried them I will post a comment.

I use mostly Winsor and Newton, cad red light in Rembrandt, cad red Michael Harding. I want to try Williamsburg some time. As long as the paints are durable, light fast and permanent, that is what matters most I guess.

I’ve tried lots of them. A couple this brand, a couple that one. I really enjoyed karin jurick’s video on what is on her palette. I tired her Richeson suggestions and Gamblin suggestions and love them. Also Carol Marine likes them too, so how can I go wrong?

I was never happy with the water solubles I tried, but will try the Grumbacher Max if loribrackett likes, maybe I will too.

My go-to brand is Gamblin, the colors are great and the consistency is a plus. Their “radiants” are amazing. I love Maimeri Puro for the high pigment strength because I can get colorful lighter values without getting dull too quickly.

I LOVE Blue Ridge Handmade oils! They are very nice. Prices are good too. I think you’ll like them.

To answer the question more thoroughly, I use a lot of brands, from some borderline student grade, to the ultimate in fancy (Vasari!). I’m a paint junkie.

I would estimate that most of my day-to-day go-to colors are from Blue Ridge Artist, Blockx, Holbein (though I have to double-check to make sure the pigments are lightfast–you can’t always assume they are with Holbein), Charvin Fine (for some specialty colors), Williamsburg, Lukas 1862. My go-to whites are Permalba White, Blockx Titanium-Zinc White, Williamsburg Titanium Zinc White, and Blue Ridge Artist Titanium Zinc White. I also like Winsor Newton Flake White Hue.

That sounds wonderful…can’t wait to get my hands on them. Thank you.

Windsor Newton, Gamblin and a few Rembrandts in my paint box. Tested out a tube of Lukas 1862 Titanium white and it does well.

Cobra water soluble oils are awesome. I use them straight out of the tube. just a little water as needed mostly to just clean the brushed in between colors.

I use Winsor & Newton for the most part, but I do have more than a few tubes of Rembrandt, some tubes of Georgian and others. W&N is my go to brand, but I love the consistency and feel of the Rembrandt paints and buy them when I find them on sale. I am getting more and more into grisaille painting and the Rembrandt seems to be so much better for that technique.

I like Gamblin. The company is committed to artist safety, and I very much like the consistency and quality of the paint. I do have M. Graham cad yellow and use it as often as the Gamblin cad yellow.

My Blue Ridge Oils have arrived in England. Beautifully packed individually in bubble wrap and with a ‘Happy Painting’ note from Eric Silver the artist and paint maker. I tried them yesterday and the colours are rich and buttery. I can recommend these lovely oils.

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Gamblin for me, too. I like the consistency of the paint right out of the tube. It’s ready to paint with right away, no need to mix in medium just to get your paint workable.