Web site issue, problems scrolling down through pages

If I open an artist’s page on this website, I often cannot scroll down to see all of their works. It is happening more often lately, and very frustrating if you really like an artist and see more of their work. When I try to scroll down, the page just pops back to the top.
In a related issue, if I scroll down too quickly through the “What’s New” page, it pops back to the top. It works if I scroll slowly.

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Hi Tom,

I am sorry for the issue. Another artist reported the same thing the other day and I am looking into it.

They said it was only when on their iPad. Is the same true for you?


For now, I have disabled the “scroll to the top feature”, which I think is the culprit, on tablets and smartphones.

When you have a chance, could you please try again after first reloading the page to force the browser to download the new code?



I’m having the same issue on my iPad (still now, just tried it). I can scroll down by using the down arrow though and that seems to work.

Thanks for looking into this, David. Yes, I’m using an iPad. I checked again this morning and still having the scrolling problem.


I am going to move this conversation with you to our support system where it will be easier for me to track. I’ll contact you via support@dailypaintworks.com shortly.

I’ll post back here any findings and fixings.


I’m having the same problem on my iPad.

I have found the issue and have fixed it. Several people have confirmed it is working on their iPads. Please close the browser app, reopen it, load DPW and refresh it with the browser’s refresh button, to ensure the latest code with the fix is downloaded.

Thank you!


I am having the same issue, unable to scroll on my ipad. Seems ok on iphone and via the Instagram platform. I did close and reopen the browser. I dont know if its related, but this only started happening when I changed to the Dramatic (dark background) Theme. I just switched back to the DPW Classic theme and now its ok. (I haven’t trued other themes).

David, I looked at another artist who uses the Dramatic Theme and have the same issue of not being able to scroll. Pat

Yes same here! Also using an IPad!

Scrolling on an iPad should be working now. Unfortunately, iPads like to hold onto old code in web pages.

Please close all DPW pages, kill the browser (not just close it), and then reopen the browser and DPW and try again.

If that doesn’t work, please try restarting your iPad.

Hi Tom,

I had the same experience using iPad (and Safari). I then tried download Chrome and view the site through it. It seems to solve the problem.

Well, I was wrong. I didn’t fix it, as anyone who ran into the issue again knew!

However… this time I did! Really. Try it. It works!

Please ignore the following if you don’t care about what the issue was and how I fixed it (this means my wife):

  1. The issue only happened with Safari on iPads and iPhones.

  2. The gallery pages lay themselves out again if the browser page is resized as can be done on a computer or when a tablet or phone is rotated. This is important to do.

  3. When scrolling up in Safari, the top browser bar shrinks, which increases the height of web page a very small bit. When this happens, Safari, but no other browser, reports that the page has been resized, which triggers the Gallery page to refresh its layout. This is what causes the page to snap back up to the top. Arrrrg.

  4. The solution was when the browser says it has been resized to make sure the width of the page has actually changed, such as when the device is rotated, before laying it out again.

My apologies to everyone who has been suffering from this issue for way too tong!

Looks like it’s working fine now. Thanks for taking care of that. Pat