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Using our works of art without permission

Thanks, Linda, for telling me about the painting on page 45. I actually filed a DMCA notice for this image and they took it down. Maybe it’s like whack-a-mole and the seller just puts up another image?
I filed another notice with Shopify saying it was the second time they infringed on that image (and my second take down request for it) and the seller should be removed as a repeat infringer.
We’ll see…

6/26/20 12:39 pm. The site is offline again…

I noticed that too. If Shopify researched that site they would see that it is so obvious that it is fraud.

So today the domain forwards to OilPaintingCenter.com. That site has no art by artists I recognize, so I’m going to call this a win. Yay!

Ditto on the yay! Looks like their flower art has only 2 pages instead of 172.

When I type in the paintart(dot)com it forwards to oilpaintingcenter(dot)com. I do not see ANY flower art on there at all. What are you seeing, Linda?

I just got back on thepaintart- I see yours on page 123 and 125 I think- I am sending in the form and looking for other artists work so I can alert them- I saw the people you sent to.

Yes, they are up and running again under thepaintart and flower art is back up. I glanced through some and I saw one of yours Trisha on page 36 and other artists I’m familiar with, mostly on their link flower art.That’s great Marcia!

Hey, they are very clever!
You know how I said that when I entered the URL thepaintart(dot)com, it forwarded to oilpaintingcenter(dot)com and there was no infringing art on that site that I could tell?
I was surprised to hear from you all that you were NOT being forwarded away, instead you were on the original site with infringing art. So I cleared the cookie from thepaintart(dot)com and – voila! – I can see thepaintart(dot)com again.
They figured out who I was and adjusted my cookie to get rid of me. haha!

I see that this company accepts Paypal for payment. Report the company to Paypal. They were instrumental to me in the past when I discovered a company selling my artwork as prints. They took away their ability to use paypal as payment, and the site was taken down.

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I’ll check out the PayPal infringement Report Policy. Thank you Linda for sharing this information.


Thank you, Linda, for bringing this to the attention of our forum. Just unbelievable how these sites steal from artists.

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Thanks, Linda McCoy, for the PayPal infringement link.
Thanks, Marcia Hodges, for telling me there were two of my paintings on pages 123 and 125.
Thank you, Linda Jacobus, for telling me one of my paintings was on page 36.
I filed infringement reports with PayPal for these three artworks.
The form says the presence of PayPal buy buttons is not enough to prove they are using PayPal, so I clicked through and took a screenshot of the purchase page on PayPal to attach.
We will see what happens.

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Grrr- Here is another Chinese company doing the same thing! On Etsy!

I contacted two of the artists they are copying because they will have to complain themselves (as owners of the copyright) to Etsy.
I recognize Geoffery Johnson, Megan Lightell, Sarah Kelk, Kyffin Williams (a deceased Welsh artist).

This stealing is all too common! Etsy should be able to shut their shop down. And they have had over 300 sales! People fall for this cheap knock off art. ugh.

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That is exactly why I don’t use Pinterest, not sure if Facebook is as unprotected as that. I don’t think that saying “all rights reserved by artist” or any other thing can stop this. Thanks for venting!