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Using our works of art without permission

Went to their website, looks like they took down a lot of paintings, mine is no longer there. I never contacted them maybe Pinterest sent them a complaint.

They sound like creeps. I would bet they’ll be back somehow…people like that don’t quit.

They are back with the same name with all the same images.

HI,Linda, Many thank for your information.

Linda, I got a response from the site with a question mark. I sent them a picture of my work on their site along with the page number and the copyright law from the copyright alliance group and they removed mine from their site.

When I looked before, the site was down so I thought Shopify had removed it. But Marcia Hodges alerted me that it is back up.
I filled out the complaint form with Shopify and said since I have heard they have received multiple complaints about this seller, I wanted the entire site taken down. We’ll see if they do that.
Also, the seller claims you will receive an original, one-of-a-kind painting. Doubly scammy.

Good for you Marcia! I will do the same.Thank you and Trisha for a followup.

Hello. Shopify removed my paintings, but did not take down the seller’s site.
How many people here asked Shopify to take down their paintings?
I am going to press them to take the site down, but I need to know how many other people made a takedown request and for how many paintings?

Went back on their site, I was looking through the link flower paintings and found many, many artist images that are on DPW. Trisha you have some on page 28, page 46 and more. Carol Marine on page 172, there are way to many to list. This was just on flower paintings, I didn’t look at the other links. There are so many thieves out there, not much we can do but call them on it when they are using our images for profit like Marcia did. I just noticed your reply Trisha, that is great!

I once read somewhere that sites like this automatically pull pictures from the internet into their sites. I’m not sure how to avoid it except for using low quality images so they can’t be reproduced too easy. I wonder about the quality of the prints they sell. Can’t be very good, and my guess is that people that complain about that will never hear back from them.

I just sent an email to Shopify to take my images off and look into the fraudulent activities. That site now has three different names in Shopify using the same website for each site, I also mentioned that to Shopify. Waiting for their response.
Looks like two artists here did get their images taken down. One directly through Shopify and the other through the fraudulent site. That’s great!

Looks like mine were taken down also, right now I don’t see them but who knows. I think it was a very good idea to go straight to Shopify.

So is Linda Jacobus the only other person who asked Shopify to take down their artwork? Linda, how many paintings did you have them remove?

I found two in flower paintings, haven’t heard back yet from Shopify. It is so evident that thepaintart is fraudulent just by viewing their websites (three now with same layout and images).

Thanks for letting me know two of your works were on there.
Could you give me the urls for the other sites?
I have emailed Dreama, Nancy Medina and Gina Brown to let them know, too.

They are trying to be really sly, the other name is durianal.com it brings you to oil painting center, I haven’t checked that site out yet, it looks the same as thepaintart though.
I found another painting of yours on thepaintart linked to flower paintings page 45, mine are back on again. Shopify got back to me today and sent an email with a link to fill out called DMCA form (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Hopefully if we all fill out the form it could take them down but I’m sure they will show up somewhere else.

Hi Trisha,
Just wondering how you were able to get some of your paintings taken down with Shopify. Did you fill out the DMCA form?

Yes, I filled out the DMCA form.
I don’t feel it is enough to just take down my images. There is no consequence for the infringer. The seller goes on merrily infringing on every other artist listed there.
The preferred outcome would be to take the site down. That protects every artist on there in one fell swoop.
I just emailed Lesley Powell and Roos Shuring, too. I gave them the link to the DMCA form and ask them to request the site be pulled entirely in the comment section.
If anyone here wants the link to the DMCA form it is –

I did the same and filled out the DMCA form.
An artists life is not real easy, we can’t always count on a weekly paycheck and then someone comes along and steals our works that we put our hearts and souls into each painting and then uses them to make a profit for themselves, not even thinking of the artists hard work that went into it. (Hurtful, Greed and Heartless)

Here is what I got back from Shopify this morning.
This email is to inform you that the content listed as infringing in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Notice submitted on June 25, 2020 has been taken offline.
We support the protection of intellectual property and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

They took off my paintings but they are still up and running. Trisha on page 45 one of yours is still there.