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Using our works of art without permission

I was browsing the internet and came across one of my paintings on pinterest that led me to a site that sells prints. I never gave them permission to sell my works. So I continued to check out other artists on the site in flowers and found quite a few artists from DPW. Their site is so unprofessional but they are asking high prices for the prints. It’s not like FAA and others where you make a profit and give them permission to use your artworks, they have no link for you to upload to their site. They are stealing art from the internet and selling it. The painting they stole from me they renamed the title because they didn’t know the title or my name because they were just initials but yet they say they can send you the signature(???). I researched on pinterest where one artist awhile back demanded they take her painting off, it is still there. I’m sure there is nothing we can do to stop this, they are probably out of the country. The only way you can contact them is they have a message us on each page.
Just venting and giving you all a heads up.
The site is called (don’t want to send a link, you can google it) thepaintart


Linda - I see their site is on Shopify - maybe you could try reporting them to Shopify. I’d submit examples along with proof of your work on DPW or elsewhere. Unlike other web hosts, Shopify might actually do something if one of their sites is violating artists’ copyright. I don’t see my work there but that’s what I’d do - perhaps if a few other artists also reported them, it would get attention.


That’s a good idea, I’ll check into it.
Thank you!

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What a crazy site! It is a Chinese company. The country code on their phone # is 86. If you want a laugh read through their FAQ! About half way through, the questions start referring to hair extensions and buying hair! And their ‘about page’ is ridiculous.
I completely agree that this is infuriating for you. What a shameful scam. So sorry. I hope Shopify can shut them down. They say they are original paintings, sent rolled with a white border for framing?! Weird.


Just did some research on Shopify, a lot of fraudulent on that site from China. You would have to research it, it will make you sick the site is called china brand. Some of the sites get your credit card number and use it and so on. I’m sure there are a lot that are legit on shopify.
I don’t think I want to respond to thepaintart site or Shopify, I don’t want them to have my email. I guess I’ll need to let it go. We just need to keep our minds and eyes open and I mean really open to the scams. I won’t even answer my phone unless I recognize the # they can leave a message, glad I have call block on my phone.

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The site is completely dreadful and as someone else has pointed out, they lose the thread half way through their FAQs and start talking about hair extensions.
Is it possible to complain to Pinterest? A Google search of this company chiefly throws up Pinterest links from all over the place. I expect the company set up the accounts to market themselves. Pinterest will already have your e-mail if you have an account with them?.

Otherwise - take comfort from the excellent company you are keeping: Vincent Van Gogh is being offered on this site too!!

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I never post images larger than 2000px so it is very hard to create prints from them. Also, I put them inside a frame mockup so the image is even smaller. Nobody but me has access to my full size images that can be reproduced.


I’ll check with pinterest hopefully they will do something. I have found a lot of fraud dealing with my paintings but this one pushed a button. I just don’t understand (well I do, greed) scammers have no feelings for the human race.
Thank you Karen

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My images are set low but I need to lower the images on my personal website. One person used my painting and painted it by flipping the image, then she shared a story how she was inspired to create that painting, so insensitive.
Thank you Maria I’ll check out how to mockup inside a frame.

Looks like they shut it down. I just went there and got the message:

This site can’t be reached

thepaintart.com ’s server IP address could not be found.


I list my mostly sold paintings up on Fine Art America. They let you put watermarks on the images. Do you think we should do this on DPW? Would that help deter the frauds from stealing our work?

I have noticed that I get a lot of views from China and always wondered why and if they were copying my work.

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I found it by doing a Google search. Disgusting website.

I think this is what killed art on Ebay too…chinese copying;
Any artist that sold well was soon copied and undercut in pricing…
and of course always free shipping too. I used to enjoy browsing
art on Ebay until I began to notice the fakes.
I think the size of the posted art doesn’t really matter as they
have multiple artists that can reproduce a popular image close
to the real thing. Even if it isn’t a quality painting, people
will buy it for the cheap price, hang it in their home and
no one else really recognizes it’s a fake…
or knows that there is a fabulous “real” painting out there :frowning_face:

You just need photoshop to put your image in the frame https://www.etsy.com/listing/800033524/frame-mockup-bundle-interior-mockup?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=frame+mockups&ref=sr_gallery-1-10&organic_search_click=1&pro=1

I contacted Pinterest and left a message concerning a fraudulent shop is being advertised on Pinterest. An email was sent to me and will inform me of the results in three days. It looks like it is DOWN I was on there earlier and it was up and running.
This isn’t like me to complain in fact this is the first for me online, my family says I’m so passive but this struck a nerve to use other artists works for profit. Maybe I need to stand up more instead of bending down. It’s really hard for me to stand up for me but to hurt others really hurts my heart.
Thank you all for your input, it’s no longer there, thank you Lord!

Good to know your actions must have had some effect. Thanks for the info. I understand that this happens quite a lot and that watermarking doesn’t really help since they are easy to remove by people who are out there stealing. I guess it’s best to use low res images.

Linda, Thank you for this information. I did contact them through their site on their contact form and I said I assumed they would be sending me commissions on my art work they had there.

That was great! Maybe that’s why they are unavailable. I’ll do the same if they are up and running again.

I just googled it and it redirected to durianal.com. Shady stuff happening. I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention Linda.

Yes, they sure did change their name, just saw it Lori. Pinterest got back to me, I have to prove that I’m the owner Digital Copyrights Act 1998 and to fill out a form, then they will take down the pins. I’ll check it out and go from there.