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(Mary Schiros) #21

Good advice, I agree listing often and consistently generates more sales.

(June Rollins) #22

Linda, thank you for your suggestion to participate in DPW Challenges. Had to let you know I did this week’s Nora MacPhail Ferret Challenge. My painting received an ave of 35 more visits in Traffic and I woke up this morning to discover it had sold for the Buy It Now Price. Thanks again!

(Linda McCoy) #23

That is terrific June, congratulations on your sale! I was fortunate to be one of the “artist” picks for the January contest here on the DPW. I did not win money, however I was able to place my art at the top of the page for a month. I sold five small paintings. I think the challenges and monthly contest are definitely a way to keep your name in front of collectors.
Once again, heartiest congratulations on your sale and increased traffic! I saw your ferret painting, it is just beautiful!