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The other side of selling your artwork

(Valerie Smith) #21

I was lucky to get some of my art in a gallery, but I only sold 1 thing the whole time and the lady was making me pay for the wall.

(Connie McLennan) #23

That business model is known as a “vanity gallery.”

(Hilda Rogers) #24

I’m new to selling my work as I have, up until now, avoided it, because I felt that my best work was the work I was the most invested in (and I also dislike the idea that selling is likely to influence WHAT subjects I choose to paint - but, that’s another subject!). Now, however, I have decided that I AM ready to sell and I am telling myself that each piece is designated to sell, from the get go. I do the work and when it is done I literally turn it to face the wall and don’t look at it too much before I take its picture to sell it! If, after that, I feel like I AM attached to it, well there are several options - One, an artist friend advised me to do - put a bigger price on it, so, if is does sell, you won’t feel so bad about it! Another option is to paint it again, for my own pleasure, keep one and sell the other…I know, right, crazy artist’s psychology! I think every artist has to deal with it in their own way and probably practice at selling your work will make it easier in the long run. Interesting thread, Tom!