Solicitation for Art

Has anyone been contacted by Irina Gaziy for commissions of paintings? I received an email through Daily Paintworks for some commissions from this person in Russia and I am feeling very suspicious.

What’s the reason for you feeling suspicious? Does the e-mail sound suspicious or is it the mere fact that the person is from Russia?

I guess I am suspicious in the fact that she said she wanted to use some of my work on prints in fabric. I have known other artists who have had their work “stolen” for this purpose. I guess I should be glad she asked.

Could it be that she liked some works that are sold or not for sale and asks if it’s possible to order them as a print?

Marcia, follow your gut. If you don’t know anything about this person, be careful…and it doesn’t matter where she’s from.

Patricia-? Thank You so much for that!!! I needed to hear that.