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Sold work being resold

(Nan Johnson) #21

Cynthia, do you really think I put this post up because I’m looking for a share of the resale profits? I am laughing at these comments I’ve been getting. Yes, I sold too cheaply, something that I know many of the DPW feature artists hate - but I’ve learned that DPW sales is not indicative of what art sells for outside of DPW. Do I forfeit rights to a painting after I sell it? Of course I do, I know that. But what I do find comical is that the woman who bought my paintings on eBay and within hours relisted them for sale, left me positive feedback about how much she loved the paintings and my work! Lol

To answer your question, no, no different than holding for a few years and then reselling for a lot more (wish mine was a lot more, but grateful that it was more - because it opened my eyes).

As I said to Jim previously, this thread is for so many other artists on here who have made the same mistake as me. That is, to judge the value of their work based on the sales, or lack of sales, here on DPW. And to let artists know that, if they choose, another avenue for selling is available called ebth.

(Tess Lehman) #22

Nan…Great info here. I have wondered the same thing about my paintings…why would someone buy three or four. Figured it was resale…but hey…got my share I figured…Good luck to them. I will check out that auction site!