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Setting FASO Blog Tags for DPW Pull Feature


I’m looking for some help on setting the keywords in my FASO blogs correctly so that the RSS Pull feature here in Dailypaintworks can recognize them. The help articles I’ve read on DailyPaintworks don’t have the exact tag fields to use in FASO. So far for me all it pulls is the artwork title and image.

FASO has “Advanced SEO”.

The choices of tags I have are:

Page Title - this is what will be used in the HTML title tag for the page. It is what appears on the browser tab.
Page Heading - this is what is in the H1 heading
Meta Description - whatever is used here will be in the meta description tag
Rel Canonical - if the page’s content is copied to another site, put the original url here so Google doesn’t think you’re a content thief
Meta Keywords - this is for the meta keywords tag. This tag is no longer used by search engines.

I put “genre:landscape media:watercolor size:10X14 price:$49” (without quotes) into “Meta Keywords” and DailyPaintworks didn’t pick them up.

I’m pretty sure Page Heading and Rel Canonical aren’t the tags to use.

I also tried Meta Description and that didn’t work.

Has anyone with FASO membership used the Pull Feature from their FASO blog so it gets the genre, media, size and price? If so, I would love to learn exactly how you did it!