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Recent drop in DPW traffic

I’ve seen a massive drop off in engagement. Anyone else? I haven’t changed a thing…

Hi April,

I’ve been looking into this. I am not seeing a similar drop off for other artists and the total traffic to DPW hasn’t changed over that timeframe. Nor have the views of your individual artwork dropped off, only your gallery views.

Is there any social media promoting you have been doing that changed around the 17th of May?

Please feel free to contact me directly through support@dailypaintworks.com, if you wish.

Honestly nothing changed. It was completely consistent and then as you can see, gallery views plummeted. That’s why I posted. Thought maybe something changed site wide.

I didn’t notice anything. Quite as usual

When I joined in March, my numbers were higher but if you were to compare the number of pieces of daily art work now to then, you would see that in March numbers were 230 and now they’re 360. More art, less time for viewers to see everything. I’m not sure why the numbers of daily work have gone up so drastically. Perhaps more membership?

I think with COVID, we have probably had more time to paint because we haven’t been able to do other things that were in our weekly routines. We also have to remember that art, gardens new cars…are discretionary expenses and maybe people don’t have a lot of discretionary money at this time. That’s all I can figure. Having said that I have sold 3 paintings at other locations and have 2 commissions so some people are buying.

I haven’t noticed any significant changes yet, everything flows smoothly as usual. To be honest, I do not always have time to track analytics, all technical issues are solved by my wife))