Re-joining after cancellation of DPW account

Due to some personal issues I cancelled my DPW account in mid May 2015, the advance membership fee was already paind for month ending 24th May,2015.

When I rejoined yesterday, my Paypal account was debited for the period 25th May to 24th June 2015, as well as advance payment for month starting 30th Aug 2016. I have written to DPW help-desk to refund the amount wrongly collected for May-June and awaiting their reply.

Has anyone experienced this? Should I have cancelled the Pre-authorised payment to DPW in my Paypal account? Have I gone wrong anywhere?

I know that if DPW made a mistake, they will correct it first thing! No worries!

I had sort of similar problem somewhere else (NOT DPW), and I tried and tried to work it out with them. I patiently waited over 2 weeks for them to figure out why I was getting charged over $100…they came back with sorry, can’t find the mistake and why do you have paypal autorized to let these payments go thru then? I’m still waiting for refund. This is when I learned I had many pre-autorized agreements between paypal and others that were old and without them paypal would not have paid anything. So in this case I did learn the hard way to cancel them if they are not currently being used.

I do believe DPW will make it right straightaway if they had an oopsy. Are you sure you didn’t have a subsequent credit for that auto payment?

Yes, sadly I learnt it by making a mistake too. They have not re-credited it so far in Paypal. But I am confident about DPW help-desk, they will surely refund the excess paid. May be DPW can add this in their “Help” columns to cancel the authorisation in Paypal when an artist wants to cancel the membership.Saves time and energy for DPW and the artists.

David will take care of it. I just rejoined and the same thing happened to me.

David did take care. The amount has been refunded to me today.