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Prepayment vs drop-off; insurance; drying time

After the parchment or tracing paper against the painting, I place cardboard top and bottom, then I place (small works) in a bubble wrap envelope. A bit larger goes in a box. Once the cardboard protects it you can use bubble wrap or any padding you want.

If a painting is very wet I say in shipping that it will be ready to ship on xx/xx/xx date. When purchased I restate that in an email to the buyer.

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Thanks, Andrea. Very helpful!

Have you thought about using Gamvar made my Gamblin. They say their product can be used as soon as a painting is “dry to the touch.” I use this and have found it quite good. It takes a little getting used to so it’s good to try on ones you aren’t planning on posting. I only had one problem and sent an email to Gamblin. They called back and explained how to undo my mistake. They rescued me and saved my painting of my granddaughter.

Thanks, Vana. In fact I did just buy a jar of Gamvar and I hope to try it soon. I have some old paintings lying around to test it on. Once the weather is a bit nicer outside. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!