Posting to facebook shows 8 views immediately?

Yesterday I posted three paintings to my facebook art page from DPW and all seemed to immediately show 8 views in the stats. Is this what happens to everyone?

I have noticed that too. I am also puzzled, especially since I don’t sleep and it might be 3 am.

I am not going to consider them legitimate views but I wish it could be fixed.

I don’t see why these are not legit. I post stuff to eBay and make links to my FB pages. Then I sit back and watch the number of views double and quadruple in minutes! The internet is so vast things happen with lightening speed! I too make links from my DPW to FB and see new views in seconds. I think it is wonderful!

If they are real people that is wonderful - but instantly and then nothing else happens? - and it’s always the same number - 8 - plus facebook shows me if someone clicks on one of the posts - later, when two of my followers did click I was notified by facebook… I posted one to pinterest from the site and that had instantly even more - but not sure about that one. I only have two followers on pinterest anyway. here’s hoping you are correct!

I always get about 10-20 views right away after posting on FB, but I know that’s mostly my friends, and nothing really happen afterwards of course, friends mostly don’t buy. :slight_smile: But never got views from Pinterest, that’s interesting. Let’s hope you got real people.

Alexis, I have got no idea to be honest. All I can tell you is that I closed my Facebook art page because the fluctuating and unpredictable numbers of views, clicks, followers, whatever were driving me mad.
Personally, I think a lot of it is bots or spam. But i don’t know this for a fact.
And a more cynical or paranoid person might feel they were FB generated clicks to hook you in. Surely not?
I think it is terribly difficult to build a following on FB. So far as I can work out, the most successful do so by building a following via other means such as a blog (James Gurney is an example of a really brilliant use of social media by a fab artist) and FB builds on the back of it as people follow them there.
They also persevere for a very long time and use lots of hooks to attract followers and keep them such as free demo videos, competitions, giveaways etc.
In the end, I gave up because i didn’t have the patience or the stamina and really I just wanted to paint and I wanted to do that most even if no-one ever saw my work.

I’m sure you are correct. What I see though is these IMMEDIATE bunch of views followed by nothing else - I have a few followers on facebook that come on and “like” things and one tends to re-post so it’s exposure for what it is worth. I don’t think most that see it on my art page there actually click and see it on DPW - once the initial thing is over there generally are no more. So I leave it and ignore those initial so-called hits - it really seems it’s something that happens when it’s posted from another site. As to blogs I tried one once - can’t think of much to say that doesn’t sound stupid- I’m not much of a self-promoter. I tried DPW a few months a couple of years ago and got nowhere - not sure why I’m trying again except paintings are piling up. Years ago I had success at selling and then it all suddenly stopped around 2008. On this site it seems that there are a few that sell everything they post and I see others that do beautiful work I like more than my own who are ignored. I’m not sure any of it is worth the trouble other than the fact I like to paint and the stuff piles up. Oh well, I’m glad my life doesn’t depend on it!

The immediacy would suggest electronic views, the 8 servers the digital instruction passes through from DPW to FB perhaps, or 8 bots or similar. Doesn’t sound like actual people. I agree, we’re lucky our lives don’t depend on selling because It is very hard but then it always has been. Keeping going is what counts.
It’s not selling that makes you a painter. You are a painter if you paint.
Worrying about my nearly-non-existent social media profile was bad for morale. I found myself thinking a drop in views/likes was an indicator of a drop in the quality of my work. There is no causal relationship of course. So I got off the merry-go-round.
This forum is good though. Nice not to feel you are the only one. Keep Calm and Paint On :blush:

I guess you all right about immediate views. Actually now, that think about it, I can’t picture my friends really clicking on image, they might like a post, not more.
Some years ago, I paid $7 to FB for promotion and got around 500 “followers” for my page. But then they change things so much so I think followers don’t even see any posts anymore. At least I don’t from my art page, and I almost don’t follow anybody from personal page. Well, FB is rapidly becoming waste of time.

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