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Is there a way to remove artwork?

Is there a way to remove artwork from the site? Not just hide it? I’ve got a couple pieces I think I want to rework, so no good just hiding and unhiding.

Click on “Art Tracking” on the top bar. On the right side you will see a white box that says “I want to” which offers the option to “Delete this artwork” as well as other options.

THANK you! I swear I looked everywhere. Just not hard enough.

I’ve tried that and the response is “this artwork cannot be deleted”?

Hmmm, I haven’t had that happen; maybe just a glitch in the system?
Meanwhile, I finally realized there’s a delete option on the individual pictures, under the “I want to…” drop down menu.

Hi Cynthia! When you answer the “I want to” drop down box with “Delete this painting” a window pops up and it says “Delete this artwork?” This cannot be undone. Two options, “yes” and “Cancel”… I think to insure you don’t accidently delete. I hope this helps! Welcome to art talk!