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How to paint a crisp curved line

I have a hand tremor, and painting lines are hard,

Straight lines i mark with tape, but struggles with curved lines, because sure enough once i get to the curve my hand donesnt just shake it twitches and makes a big mess

Ive come across curve tape, but its expensive and designed for model toys etc so doesnt stick to the canvas well

You might check out quilting supplies. I have several plastic curved templates, also a French curve, that I have used when a curve needed to be precise. They were given to me by a quilter who was not planning to quilt anymore. There is also a curve thing that is flexible so you can make your own curve. Hope you find something that works for you.

Sorry to hear about you hand tremor.
Not sure what to suggest.
When I paint curves I literally hold my breath which helps a lot.
I think as the other poster suggested you can buy a flexible ‘stick’ at art supply stores.
I used to use one for drafting back in the day when graphic design was all done by hand.

Hi thanks for your replies, they would be great on smaller pictures, And ill definitely give them a go. My biggest trouble though is when doing larger canvases, like 1 meter tall

Hello, I’ve got a slight hand tremor / shake as well. Sometimes I steady it with my other hand. And hold my breath too!

You can also use a painting Mahl Stick. Easy to make with a dowel and rag, or you can purchase online or in stores, come in many lengths. Helps as it gives a place to rest your hand when painting.

You could cut a set of curved edge templates from cardboard or file folders. If you can’t draw or cut yourself have someone do it for you.

I do cut templates for drawing them on the canvas, but its staying in the lines when painting is when i have the trouble