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How is DPW promoted?

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #21

I do find it hard to find something to say about my work. I know some people love to be gushy!!! That’s just not me. I keep trying.

(Margaret Horvat) #22

Well said Sunny- you gave a great set of examples which I think would be quite useful to many of us!

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Thanks Ann & Margaret! Jean-I enjoy what you are writing on your DPW painting posts. Even about your Camellias and the pink one not blooming when the white one was…

(Jacqueline Davis) #24

I just wanted to give a shout out to the Daily Paintworks facebook page. I admit that I somehow wasn’t even aware that there was a Daily Paintworks facebook page until I had a piece featured there a few weeks back. I signed up and now get to see 10 new paintings from DPW members posted on my facebook feed everyday. I love the choices and somehow the pictures have more impact when I see them on facebook than on DPW, probably because they are immediately bigger. They are very inspirational and I often leave a ‘like’ or a comment.

I would say though that Pinterest (at least as it appears to me) seems to have the most impact.
One day I noticed a massive spike in traffic for views of one of my DPW paintings. I couldn’t work out the reason until I noticed that someone had ‘pinned’ it to pinterest and then it had been shared a further 15 times with hundreds of views (I’m sure other artists can vouch for many more shares that I have had, but I was very pleased with that!).

So I’d say that clearly, social media does have an impact, even if it doesn’t result in sales, it does at least generate more views.

While on the subject, here are a couple of other ways to see if your work has been pinned on pinterest:

a) If you have your own website or blog, copy this into your browser:

http://www.pinterest.com/source/WEBSITENAME.COM” (without the quotation marks).

But replace “websitename.com” with your own website.

b) Go to pinterest and simply type your name into the search box and see what comes up.

Try both ways. You might find that you get a different set of results with each method.
It’s pretty cool to see the names of pinterest boards where people have posted your work.

(Sunny Avocado) #25

I did that and it was fun to see the result. Unfortunately…some “older-can’t-believe-I-posted-this-but-glad-I-have-grown” pieces were there. Eek.