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How do you judge an abstract work?

(Anne Wood) #41

Don’t forget me…I am a fan of Rothko too.

(Andrea Jeris) #42

Watching the video gives me some insight as to why I am drawn to Rothko. I have an emotional response to the things I paint but don’t feel I am expressing emotions in my art. Maybe that’s my problem.

(David Kuhn) #43


You can be president of the British chapter. But with great power comes great responsibility :expressionless:. Can you handle that?


I know what you mean; I often have the same problem. Effectively conveying emotion in art seems to come naturally to some, though, for example: LINK . I love this guy’s work…

(Anne Wood) #44

I might have to delegate this responsibility David or I won’t have time to paint daily! :art:

(Joe Wojdakowski) #45

I can can understand the elvis painter saying the girl peeing is not art, agree. I guess I like abstract that is more based on traditional painting. A canvas painted black no don’t think so, girl peeing no, painted white canvas nope. A lot of Rothko seems like landscapes to me. Abstract figures I like, Picasso I love, he still stuck to good composition in his a lot of his work. Abstract art can have a lot of design put into it, color harmony and composition. Why do painting have to look like something like a landscape or a fruit. I guess Im tired of paiting skys and pears. Been working on geometric compositions

(David Kuhn) #46


That reminds me, have you ever seen the work of Eyvind Earle?

(Anne Wood) #47

Paint what you want Joe…its your life. :art::blush: