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How do you dispose of flammable rags?

Now that plastic bags are on their way out, I’m not sure what to use at the end of a painting session. I always put my used painting rags (paper towels) into a bag I saved from the supermarket, tie it at the top, and put it outside overnight until I can take it to the trash can in the morning. I use oil paint and turpentine and don’t want rags in my studio overnight. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I put my used paper towels in an empty metal gallon-size paint can with a little water. I put the lid on loosely and keep it in my garage all week until trash day, then I add it to the larger household trash bag that goes out to the curb. No extra plastic bags needed. Hope that helps.

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It does Donna. Thanks!

I do similar to Donna. I paint almost everyday so lots of oiled paper towels. I don’t use turps. I put some water in the bag of oily paper, squeeze all the air out of it and put it in a small metal ash can with a tight lid until garbage day pickup. Our grocery store uses compostable plastic bags that I try to save and use for this.

Oh Boy Patricia! You were disposing of them unsafely! Never pile or bunch up oily rags. Spontaneous combustion then fire! Putting them in a bag traps the vapors in the bag increasing the chances.

As Donna said in a metal can with water, enough to submerge them, but with the lid on tight not loose. I would also put it outside just to be safe, never inside.

Another safe way is let them dry out but not in a pile. Once dry they won’t spontaneously combust.

Well I am so glad I asked this question! Thank you, all of you, for the good advice.