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Goodbye and good luck

(Trisha Adams) #21

Hi Sunny,

I have enjoyed seeing your work on Instagram and think you are creating synergy between your DPW account and Instagram. I noticed you had an amazing mural on your instagram. You should be doing THAT!

(Sunny Avocado) #22

Aaaw, thanks so much @Trisha_Adams! My daughter lives in Charlotte, it is a great place for art! I’d love to do a mural like that but I’m afraid I am not at that level. Yet. :smiley:

(Roberta Schmidt) #23

I understand the difficulty of marketing art. I have a spouse, and he’s supportive monetarily and emotionally…but I do all the blogging, Etsy shop posting, and just recently started posting on Instagram. I do all my own wrapping and shipping. Do I make a lot of $$$? No, about enough to pay for workshops and supplies, a new easel, etc… but I have the advantage of painting for the love of it. The loving spouse pays my bills for me :slight_smile: So, I appreciate his support…so much.
I just started with an Instagram account, and actually I had a network of artist friends from online workshops that encouraged me to do so. I don’t post personal things, but rather the art I am working on. I tried it on a temporary basis. I love the encouragement I get from fellow artists on IG. I have even had a few sales, people asking how much my painting is. There can be a good artist community there.
Etsy sales go up and down, but I have had some really good repeat customers, and the nicest comments from people who have put my art in their home…that is the added benefit of selling my art at affordable prices…people are very appreciative, and I love that my love of art, can make people happy.
Again, I paint because I would be really sad if I didn’t. If I was doing it for a profit, I couldn’t make it financially. Painting feeds my creativity. And I paint weekly.
David, your paintings are exquisite, and I am so happy that I have about 6 of them in my house…they make me very happy. They are unique and give a sense of wonder. You have a gift. If you love the painting process, keep doing it. Hopefully you will find a way to make it work for you, because the world needs your art.

(Sonja Sandell) #24

Please Visit Me At www.sonjasandell.com and www.hicketypickety.etsy.com
I will no longer be on Daily Paintworks.
Good Luck To You All!

(Sunny Avocado) #25

Hi @funked_up_art, sorry to see you go. I checked out your sites again. Your stuff is cool! You have a unique look on the world. I wanted to encourage you since you are doing youtube vids already to keep going with that if you could because I see quite a few people doing them that are selling their art to people looking up howto videos.

(Valerie Smith) #26

Bye. Sorry to see you go.

(carla smale) #27

I too plan to leave at the end of the year. Only ever had one buyer who purchased a few things-but nothing else since then. I cannot continue to justify the monthly fee,Carla